RVers from all over came to perform a kooky, spooky song using RV items for the launch of the new Addams Family movie.

Buckle up for a dreadful road trip

This Halloween, watch out for some unexpected RVers on the road as The Addams Family goes …where no Addams has gone before. Everyone’s favorite spooky family is back in the animated comedy sequel, The Addams Family 2. And this time they’re taking their kooky adventures across the country. See The Addams Family 2 - IN THEATERS and ON DEMAND October 1.
Addams Family Pic
Addams Family Caravan
The Old Addams Camper

It’s hideous ...
It’s monstrous ...
It’s the addams family camper.

The Addams Family camper is a one-of-a-kind, custom-built model, available in one color: black! Check out its state-of-the-art features, perfect for creepy families.

  • Driver's Seat

    This outdoors driver’s seat is uncomfortable and rigid, just how The Addams Family likes it. Perfect for henchmen, monsters, or even a Thing!

  • Vault Door

    Assembled with a well-oiled vault door that keeps out unwanted guests with its uninviting build. Cramped and barely enough room for the largest of guests like Lurch!

  • Exhaust Pipe

    Ever wanted an exhaust pipe that scares the heck out of your neighboring drivers with a thick cloud of ominous purple smoke? This is the RV for you.

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Pugsley’s Story

Check out Pugsley's blast of time as he rages and blows things up on the road...

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The Addams Family goes on the road

Follow The Addams RV to Niagara Falls, Death Valley, and all over the country…

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Theaters Opening Again

Get your tickets to see The Addams Family hit the road and terrorize the countryside.

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Hear from The Addams Family


"I’d rather be dead than go RVing but since the first wasn’t an option.. Here we are. I guess I like scenery."



"Nothing like a good ole’ road trip in the Old Addams Family camper to bring our family closer together."


Cousin It

#@!@S% %&!@#@ !@$ % %&!@#@ !@$% % $!@# @!@$% %$ !@” [Translation: We rolling, riding, jet skiing and sightseeing. RVing and road-tripping are my type of party!

Cousin It


Mmmm… ooooohhhh… road trip. Mhmmm… Ohhhhh



I hate RVing but I love blowing things up… in the camper we can practically go anywhere. So if I can destroy things all over the road then I guess I don’t mind RVing.


Uncle Fester

I love family bonding and road trips if it means I can eat all over different states. And driving I get to see everything up close and personal… like where I want to go eat!

Uncle Fester

Addams Family Postcard

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