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What Kind of RV Traveler are You?

Are you an adventurer? A foodie? A water lover? Read on to find out what kind of RV travel is right for you.

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An RV vacation is filled with so many options. Want to hit every national park in the Southwest? Relax for a few months near the Gulf’s beautiful beaches? Plan the ultimate family vacation by teaching your grandkids the joys of camping? With RVing, it’s all right at your fingertips (or right at your steering wheel).

There are so many opportunities available, those new to RVing might feel intimidated choosing a destination and an RV model. How do you know which kind of traveler you are and what your RV needs will be? Read on to find out.

The Adventurer

Nothing appeals to you quite like the freedom of the open road. And you’re willing to travel in search of a memory-making experience. With an RV, you can set the pace and follow whatever trails spark your curiosity.

An RV lets you drive right up to adventure’s door. Try your hand at new outdoor activities wherever you go, whether biking with friends along the California coast or hiking the Appalachian Mountains with family. Store your gear easily in your RV, so nothing stands between you and your next adventure. And with the great outdoors at your fingertips, you’ll feel more connected to nature while disconnecting from your devices – perfect for families looking to spend more quality time together. Now, where’s that trail heading?

The Foodie

Variety is the spice of life, and you’re ready to savor all the options RV life offers. When traveling in an RV, you can easily follow the road to new cuisines, comfort foods, and fresh finds.

For the home chef, take advantage of your RV’s kitchen to put your own spin on local produce you picked up at the farmer’s market. Enjoy the rustic appeal of cooking over an open fire right outside your door – whether it’s fish you caught yourself or simply s’mores for the kids. The freedom to travel wherever you want means you can crisscross the country in pursuit of your next favorite meal, regional ingredient, or unforgettable dining discovery. Let your taste buds guide you to your next destination.

The Water Lover

Come on in. The water’s fine! From kayaking along a river to fishing on a glassy lake, you’re happiest by the water. Lucky for you, an RV is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite water sports.

Bring your kayak, paddles, or rafts, and pull over when an open body of water beckons. Take advantage of RV campsites on or near the beach to spend your days building sandcastles in the sun with the grandkids. Or make memories and dinner at the same time. Fish the local watering holes and cook up your catch for a romantic dinner in your RV’s kitchen.

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