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Celebrate Father's Day at the Campground With These Fun Activities

Enjoy Father's Day this year with these outdoor activities recommended by Stephanie Puglisi!

Father's Day is the perfect time to celebrate the dads in our lives, and the campground is the perfect place to do it. An RV getaway provides countless opportunities to create special moments that truly make Dad happy–whether it's grilling his favorite recipes, casting a line at a nearby lake, hiking picturesque trails, or simply relaxing around the campfire with family.

These moments spent together are more valuable than any store-bought gift, and the memories you create will last longer as well. This Father's Day, let the campground be your backdrop for celebrating the man who means so much. 

Here are 8 fun ways to show all the dads in your life just how special they are. 

  1. Host a Fishing Derby: Organize a friendly fishing competition with prizes for the biggest catch, most fish caught, and the most unique catch.
  2. Plan a BBQ Cook-off: Camping with family and friends? Make the dads sing for their supper! Organize a barbecue cook-off where they can show off their skills. Dads can compete for the title of "Best BBQ Dad." 
  3. Schedule an Outdoor Movie Night: Set up a projector and screen to show a classic "dad movie" under the stars. Some favorites for movie night may include National Lampoon’s Vacation, Field of Dreams, or The Sandlot.
  4. Take a Hike: If your dad loves time on the trails, find a great hike near the campground, pack a picnic lunch, and show off all those hiking skills he’s taught you over the years. 
  5. Arrange a Campground Scavenger Hunt: Feeling extra creative? Craft a scavenger hunt with clues and items related to special memories with dad. The clues can lead dad through fun activities around the campground–like getting a hole-in-one at the mini golf course or having a cannonball contest at the pool–and end up back at the RV for his favorite campfire dessert.
  6. Line Up for Family Relay Races: If your dad likes to talk about how everything was better ‘back in the day,’ celebrate with throwback games and activities, such as sack races, tug-of-war, and three-legged races. 
  7. Create a Campsite Photo Booth: Capture family memories by creating a photo booth with props and make dad pose for silly pictures that will be enjoyed for years to come. 
  8. Serve a S’mores Flight Around the Campfire: End the day by serving Dad a flight of s’mores treats using a variety of cookies, candies, fruits, and marshmallows. 

If your family is RVing for Father’s Day, chances are your dad values time together more than any other gift. Make those campground memories extra special this year by celebrating the activities your father enjoys the most–whether it’s grilling, fishing, kayaking, napping in a hammock…or all of the above. Camping is the perfect way to make this Father’s Day one that he won’t forget. 

Jeremy Puglisi

The RV Atlas

Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are the co-hosts of the weekly RV Atlas and Campground of the Week podcasts and the RV Atlas blog. They are also the authors of See You at the Campground: A Guide to Discovering Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors, and Where Should We Camp Next: A 50 State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and other Unique Outdoor Accommodations, and the Acadia National Park Adventure Guide. After buying their very first pop-up camper more than 10 years ago, Jeremy and Stephanie caught the RV bug in a big way, and now spend over 70 nights a year in their travel trailer with their three sons, Theo, Max, and Wes, and sweet Maggie the pup. You can follow along on their adventures (and misadventures) over at RV Atlas.