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Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Stay at Harvest Hosts

Learn how to get the most out of your Harvest Hosts stays. Discover new areas, learn to be a proper guest, and embrace local culture with Harvest Hosts.

Harvest Hosts is a great way for RVers to explore new destinations, meet interesting people, and enjoy the most unique experiences. The Harvest Hosts All-Access Membership connects travelers with 8,000+ unique locations—wineries, farms, breweries, and other locations—where they can park overnight and enjoy the local amenities. Here are some of the top tips for getting the most out of your Harvest Hosts Membership. 

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

To get the most out of your stays, it’s a good idea to plan your route and research the Harvest Hosts locations ahead of time. This will help you make the most of your time and ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. 

The Harvest Hosts website has a great map with all of the host locations displayed—including the option to put your route in and create parameters to help display only stays within your desired miles off route. By utilizing this route planner, you can plan trips and not be stuck searching for a last-minute campground, a diesel filled rest area, or a littered parking lot. 

Be A Considerate Guest

When you arrive at your Harvest Hosts location, it’s important to be a considerate guest. Remember that you’re on private property and that the hosts are opening their doors to you and your RV. Respect their property, follow the rules, and be friendly. 

Most hosts will have their rules displayed or communicated ahead of time. If they don’t, this doesn’t mean you do whatever you’d like. Just politely ask them where to park, quiet hours, and any other specific rules. 

In addition to these rules, it is a common practice to support the local business. You can do this by purchasing something, participating in their services, or making a donation. In addition, try to find them online and leave a positive review. 

Embrace the Local Culture

One of the best things about Harvest Hosts is the chance to get a taste of the local culture. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Walk the grounds, participate in the farming experience, watch the sunset, talk to the locals, and try the local cuisine or beverages. 

By fully immersing yourself into the local culture, you might just find your next home, a new hobby, or a part of North America that you know you’ll visit again and again. 

Be Prepared for Boondocking

Be prepared for boondocking by bringing enough water, supplies, and energy with you. While some of the Harvest Hosts locations might have these things available, it is important to not depend on them or ask for things that aren’t in their description. 

In addition to having enough water, conserving battery power, limiting your generator usage, and other boondocking essentials, know what you’ll participate in at the business. If the business is a winery and offers food, then you don’t need to worry about cooking. 

Each Harvest Hosts host has a listing on the website—most will tell you how you can participate. 

Share Your Experiences

Finally, don’t forget to share your Harvest Hosts experience with others. Leave a positive review on the Harvest Hosts website, share photos and stories on social media, and recommend your favorites to fellow travelers. This helps support these local businesses, encourages more RVers to try this new way of travel, and connects people to unique areas of North America. 

Get Your Membership Today

Harvest Hosts is the best way for RVers to get to know North America. Through Harvest Hosts you are getting to see new destinations, avoid crowded parking lots, experience local culture, and make the most of your RV adventures. 

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