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Inspiration can be easy to find and plentiful so we’ve taken the time to compile the top recommendations for you through personal experiences.

RVing Though Going-To-The-Sun-Road

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When I was a kid my parents had a book on the shelf – “The Most Scenic Drives in America” by Reader’s Digest. I used to take it down and look at it all the time. I don’t remember a specific drive that I longed to take, but I remember the whole idea of road trips and going places that were so different from where we lived. Somehow I got possession of that book and it is still in my office today. I pulled it down recently and was surprised by how many of those scenic drives I had already taken, mostly on the east coast. This summer I had the opportunity to travel to what has often been listed as one of the top ten scenic drives not only in the USA but in the world, Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Montana.

Solar Eclipse 2017

Trip Planning

Solar Eclipse 2017

Our RV trip planning can take so many different forms including national parks, experiencing the magic of Disney, a beach vacation or a simple weekend getaway. No matter the trip, we always try to work in a little bit of homeschooling education. We’re not always successful but you have to try, don’t you? When I first learned of the full solar eclipse, I knew I had to be there to see it in person. I knew this would be a different kind of trip, having grown up kind of a science geek, and wanting to be an astronaut.

Take A Trip To Yellowstone National Park

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RVing in Yellowstone

In 2009 when Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan premiered their Emmy award winning documentary, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea,” I was riveted to the screen every Sunday night of its run. All of the parks are beautiful in their own way and I hope to someday make it to all of them, but when it came time to start checking off that list I began with Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, America’s first park.


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National Parks Tour 2018

When you are in the midst of child rearing you find it hard to believe the day will come when you will be free to indulge yourself in all the things you dream about. I grew up in a camping family but we tended to stay east of the Mississippi. In one of our trips we traveled from Chicago to Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and the Bay of Fundy; an epic trip for city kids. My parents dragged seven kids in the family wagon to some far out places but we never did the classic American road trip to see our most visited National Parks. With my youngest out of high school and working a full time summer job this is finally the summer that mom gets to take off.

Top 20 Destinations

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Top 20 RV Destinations

To celebrate 20 years of Go RVing, we asked YOU to share your favorite places to RV. Explore these spots, and leave us a comment with favorite places too!

Our RV Our Adventure Base Camp

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Our RV, Our Adventure Base Camp

Our RV, which we call “Lance,” is small.

Fathers Day Trip

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Father's Day Trip

One of the biggest benefits of RVing is making lifelong memories, but like most African Americans, I didn’t grow up RVing or camping. Therefore, I just don’t have those childhood memories or pictures from camping trips. I’m not sad about that. I guess I’ve kind of taken extra joy in taking my own kids to do something I wasn’t exposed to as a kid.

Starry Starry Night

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RVing: Starry Starry Night

Van Gogh’s “Starry, Starry Night” was surely inspired by the darkest of skies with the brightest of stars. When it was painted in June of 1889 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France, there wasn’t such a thing as light pollution or the ‘Bortle Scale’ which rates evening skies on a scale of 1 to 9 for optimal star gazing darkness. The whole East Coast lights that can be seen from space, scores a dismal 7 with the exception of northern Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains with an impressive darkness rating of 2!

table outside an RV

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RVing: Virginia Is For Lovers

They say that Virginia is for lovers and it’s true. Lovers of national parks, hiking, scenic overlooks, nature watching, cavern exploring and night sky star gazing!

mom and kids at disney

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10 Tips For a Magical RV Disney World Vacation

When I was a little boy, my mom and dad never had money for family vacations. Thankfully, my grandparents did. They had seven kids and eight grandkids, but they still managed to take all of us to Disney World for four different family reunions.

woman around a fire

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Happy Campers

One of the best parts of promoting Girl Camping is watching women go from thinking that it looks like a fun thing to do, to actually going on their first campout.


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RV Surfing on the West Coast

An RV trip is always an adventure, but sometimes you need to turn up the adventure even more. This was one of those times and we decided to travel from the Mexican border all the way up the west coast to the Canadian border, surfing along the way on a mega RV surfing trip!


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Olympic National Park

Growing up in the Midwest, I always thought of Olympic National Park as one of those places that “one day” I’ll get to experience. That day arrived…

kids next to water

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A Look Back at our RV Journey

As we have started a new year, I find myself hopeful and expectant.

couple overlooking the shore

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Go RVing in the Redwoods

I want to start by letting you know that nothing I say can accurately describe how incredible the Redwoods are with the tallest trees in the world, but they’re so much more than that. To survive they need to be near the coast which puts them near countless rugged beaches. They also come in groves, which means you can walk through beautiful fern filled forests marveling at these giants. Mix in the fact that they’re in low population areas and you have a secluded adventurer’s paradise!