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Top Tech Gadgets For This RV Season

I’m sure everyone can’t wait to get their RVs stocked and out on the open road. Many people might not think about technology when gathering their supplies for upcoming RV trips. I put as much effort into my tech-packing list as I do making sure we have extra toilet paper. Here’s my list of “tech gadgets” to add to your RV this camping season.

Tire Minder A1A Tire pressure monitoring system

Before we head out on any trip, checking the tire pressure is a must. There are many tire pressure monitoring systems out there. I recently upgraded ours to the new Tire Minder A1A which includes straightforward alerts (both visual and audible) and icons letting me know exactly what type of issue is occurring and where the problem area is located. The A1A monitors up to 22 tire positions, at up to 232 PSI. You get updated readings every four minutes, and it performs self-diagnostics every 5 seconds to instantly warn of unstable tire conditions. Besides pressure, the A1A will immediately alert if the internal tire temperature rises above 167 °F.

Rand McNally RV tablet 80GPS, Dash-cam, and tablet all rolled up in one!

So you’re ready to head out on that RV trip, but how are you going to navigate your way to the campgrounds? The Rand McNally RV Tablet 80 will get you there and so much more. It’s a GPS, an 8” Android tablet, and even a dash cam. This RV tablet is loaded with tons of features. Its large touch screen makes viewing from multiple angles a breeze. It’s simple to use, yet advanced users will love all of its built in features:

  • Advanced navigation & trip planning
  • Wi-Fi tablet with powered magnetic mount
  • Wi-Fi connected services – Check weather and fuel prices along your route, and access traffic everywhere
  • Backup camera ready – not included

Progressive Industries 50 amp Electrical Protection System (EMS-PT50C)

Everyone has their own system or checklist for setting up once they arrive at a campground. Before you plug that valuable RV into any campground you need protection. I trust the Progressive Industries 50 amp Electrical Protection System (EMS-PT50C). With the amount of money we spend on our RVs, make sure you protect all the electrical systems with a top of the line surge protector.

Features included are:

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – how nice is this?
  • High low voltage protection
  • Time delay for air conditioning compressor
  • 3-mode surge protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Open neutral protection
  • Open ground protection
  • AC frequency protection
  • Accidental 220V protection
  • Weather resistant

What does all that mean? Don’t worry; just know it’s protecting your investment from all the hidden electrical dangers out there. Progressive has thought of everything, even including a built-in lock bracket. You can lock up your unit to keep slippery hands at bay.


A portable, mobile bunk bed system for camping. Very easy setup, so get the kids involved; they will love it. It only takes about 10 minutes to set up and less to take down, the boys love sleeping on these bunk beds. Best of all, they are so easy to put away that it’s part of the boys’ morning routine. There are side slots for the kids’ books, iPads, even a drink. Whether you use everyday or just keep them around when you have extra guests, these are a must for anyone with kids.

The Motorola Talk-About MH230R

Campgrounds are one of the few places where we as parents can feel somewhat safe letting our kids roam and play. However, we still need to keep tabs on where they are and what they are doing. The Motorola Talk-About MH230R can help you keep in contact with your kids. The Talk About is durable, water-resistant, kid-proof and even floats! It certainly has stood up to the pounding dished out by our young boys. With 22 channels and 10 privacy codes, you’ll have no trouble finding a frequency to use. Communication is a breeze up to 23 miles using its built-in repeater channels, which work with the local stations. We have used ours to check in with each other at the campground, during large RV rallies, and even at the mall. Finding a built-in weather radio receiving 7 NOAA channels was an added bonus. Throw in the dual charging station, powered by standard micro UBS cable, and rechargeable batteries and your Talk About will be ready for anything you can throw at it.

The Circle with Disney

We all know how important Wi-Fi is to our daily lives. And even though we “escape” to the campgrounds to rid ourselves of technology, most of us still bring plenty of Internet gadgets with us. Whether they are smartphones, streaming devices, iPads or e-readers, they are a huge part of our daily lives. With our kids we always bring their iPads for education (we homeschool year round) and for limited entertainment. In the past there has been “stress” from kids wanting more Internet time than we allowed. That was until I found Circle with Disney. Circle connects to our router and monitors every device that connects through our router to the Internet. We control which sites are approved or blocked and we can easily limit the amount of time the kids have access to the Internet. It has control features like bedtime or wake-up, which allows us to control what times the kids have Internet access. My wife loves the ability to block Internet from all devices with the touch of a button. We loved it so much in our home; we now have a second Circle just for the RV. Since the kids have already experienced how the Circle monitors their Internet time at home, all the stress in the RV has been eliminated. If you want to keep control of the Internet in your RV, the Circle is a must have tech gadget to bring along on every trip!

Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast

More and more of us are “cutting the cord” at home, why not extend that to your RV travels? As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, any of these streaming devices will do the trick. Gadget geeks like me tend to have all of these devices. If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple TV allows you access to all your Apple content. Android user? Try Chromecast to “cast” TV and movies right to your big screen. If you desire everything the Internet has without being bound to one system, the Roku offers the most channels and content. Amazon users should check out Fire TV. “Prime members” get bonus content and exclusive access as part of their memberships.

Now that your tech is stocked, you’re ready to head out to your favorite campground. We always tell people we love our RV because it’s our home away from home. With these gadgets, you’ll be singing the same tune!

Oh, and don’t forget to pack the extra toilet paper…..

What other tech “must haves” do you keep in your RV?

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