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I love our RV. It’s our home and it’s our escape. Our RV has the comforts of a house complete with a shower, stove, oven, indoor and outdoor kitchen, televisions, DVD players, internet and stereo systems. Not too mention the computers and mobile devices we carry with us. I think our RV has enough technology to rival the space station.

Despite the RV having all the comforts of home and the latest and greatest gadgets, our RV is a wonderful way to escape and to unplug.

Unplugging can be a challenge especially when you are traveling with a teenager and soon-to-be teenager. Our youngest loves playing video games and our teen loves to text with his friends and search the internet.

And let’s face it. It’s not just the kids who need to unplug every once in awhile. We adults can spend hours with our faces glued to a screen. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of them make it possible to connect and share our lives with others. But for many of us the internet can be a major time suck and a distraction. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has opened up Google to get a quick piece of information and then two hours later wondered where the time went. Social media has allowed us to keep in touch with family and friends like never before, and how cool is it to have the history of the world in your pocket! Personally, I think it’s a great thing. Even so, nothing can replace face to face connection or time to unwind in the great outdoors. For those reasons, we do our best to make time to disconnect and unplug.

10 Ideas for Unplugging on Your Next RV Trip:

  • Do your research ahead of time

    Take the time to find things to do in the area and write them down before you hit the road. That way you won’t be tempted to log on because we all know how easy it is to get lost on the world wide web.
  • Let everyone choose something they want to do

    Much of our internet browsing is done out of boredom. To ensure no one gets bored, or at least not too bored, let each person in your party choose an activity. Or make a surprise out of it by putting a bunch of ideas of things to do in a hat and draw one out each morning.
  • Bring along a hobby

    Do you or your kids play a musical instrument? Enjoy painting? Wish you had more time to write, knit, wood carve, bird watch, fish, or do any number of hobbies? Heading out in your RV gives you the perfect opportunity to spend time doing things you love. No internet connection required!
  • Hit the library before you leave

    Sit under your RV awning and listen to the birds while getting lost in a story. Or perhaps there is a certain non-fiction book you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the chance. Now is the time to sit back and relax in comfort and get lost in the pages of a good book.
  • Catch up on some ZZZZZs

    Forget your email and that pesky to-do list. It’s your weekend and your time to unplug so take a nap without feeling guilty. Hang a hammock or curl up in your comfy RV bed for an afternoon snooze. It does the body and the mind good!
  • Prepare a meal or meals together

    Grill out and give everyone a job or dish to make. Or make it a personal pizza night. Lay out all the toppings and everyone makes their own pizza. Of course, no camping trip is complete without s’mores around the campfire!
  • Sit around the campfire and tell stories

    It’s old fashioned and it’s fun. Our kids love to hear stories about when they were little or our extended family’s past. Research suggests that sharing family stories with children strengthens family bonds and helps build kids confidence. Someday your kids may sit around a campfire and share stories of their RV adventures growing up! Don’t have kids? Take a few minutes and reminiscence with friends or your spouse.
  • Bring along good games and cards

    The kids may grumble at first but after a few minutes chances are everyone will be having fun and won’t even think about who is tweeting what. If you don’t have any board games play charades.
  • Get some exercise

    Go for a hike, bike ride, or walk the dog. Many campgrounds have amenities like tennis courts, pickleball courts, and pools. Get some fresh air take advantage of those amenities.
  • Go to an area that doesn’t get service!

    This may sound extreme but if logging on is just too tempting, go to an area without service. Trust me it works. After a few hours, you’ll forget about your email and what everyone is doing on Facebook. I promise. Aknd that’s coming from someone who likes to check her email multiple times a day! 😉
Speaking of campfires….
If all else fails….

Whether you want to unplug for a week, a weekend, or even a few hours, the RV allows you to disconnect in comfort. You may be choosing to give up your internet, video games, or phone but you don’t have to give up a shower, air conditioning, or a soft bed. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to disconnect!

Do you have a hard time unplugging? How do you disconnect when RVing?

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Jenn and Brent

In 2011, the Newschool Nomads sold almost all their stuff to hit the road for a full time RVing adventure. They intended to spend one year traveling but fell in love with the RV life so much that one year turned into four! Now settled in Colorado, they enjoy RVing every chance they get and look forward to returning to the full time RV life once “the Bigs” fly the nest. They are passionate about encouraging families to get out and explore, connect, and make memories that will last a lifetime.