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RVing From Key West To Alaska

From late evening summer Pacific sunsets in the San Juan Islands to watching the legendary wild ponies of Assateague frolic on the white sand Atlantic beaches, we’ve found our away time and time again.

Our family has traveled in our RV from California to Maine and back again visiting the 48 contiguous states. But since the day we first hitched up our RV to the truck, there is one place we’ve not been able to get out of our minds. A place that has captured our imagination with its wildness and remote beauty. A place, until now, we’ve only dared to dream about.


One evening not so long ago, Brent and I sat talking about all the beautiful places we have seen and want to see. Once again Alaska, the only state left to see by RV, came up.

We had been parked for a few weeks along the Gulf Coast of Southern Florida after the birth of Baby Nomad. Our family was settling into our new “normal” and bonding with our little one. Eager to teach Baby Nomad the joy of exploration from the start and begin creating memories as a family of five, we were ready to hitch up the RV and hit the road. The plan was to head down to the Keys for a few more weeks before heading out of Florida.

Then it hit us.

What if we drove from Key West to Alaska this summer?

What an epic adventure that would be! For over two years we had talked about heading into the wilds of Alaska but our dreams had remained just that, “talk”. This time chatting with Brent I could see something different in his eyes. Then he said, “We can do it. Why not?”

“Why not?”

Baby Nomad was healthy and thriving. Brent’s work as a freelance designer was steady.  We had settled into our new RV. The only thing in the way was our hesitation of facing the unknown. How far is it? What are the condition of the roads? What will we do about the internet service that Brent needs to work? What about taking the pets across the border through Canada? How long will it take to get Baby Nomad’s passport card?

There where a lot of questions but one stood out amongst them.

Why not?

So we set excuses aside and got to work planning. We were thrilled when Go RVing decided to partner with us so we could share the journey with you and tap into our fellow RVers knowledge and experiences.

We are so excited about this summer adventure and invite you to join us as we journey from the southern-most tip of the continental United States, Key West, to Anchorage Alaska. We’ll wind our way up through the south with stops in the midwest. Then we’ll follow a path of past frontiersmen making our way up to beautiful Montana. In Montana, we’ll cross the border and experience the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. We’ll travel through the Yukon and finally to Alaska.

The territory is new to us and we hope you’ll be able to help by suggesting places to see and things to do. Perhaps you’ve been to Alaska and can share your experience and advice? Maybe you know a wonderful hike near Nashville, TN, or an amazing roadside dive in Madison, Wisconsin. Maybe you just want to come along for the ride. No matter what, we are thrilled to have you!

For the next three months, we’ll share weekly updates from the road. It’s going to be exciting and we look forward to sharing tips and tricks of RVing along the way! Be sure to follow Go RVing on Facebook and YouTube and to check back here each week. There will be blog posts, pictures, Facebook updates, videos, and together we will journey 6,000 miles!

Most of all we hope you’ll be inspired to find your AWAY and #GoRVing!

Have you been to Alaska? Is there a special place you’ve always wanted to go RVing? Any advice for us?

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Newschool Nomads

Jenn and Brent

In 2011, the Newschool Nomads sold almost all their stuff to hit the road for a full time RVing adventure. They intended to spend one year traveling but fell in love with the RV life so much that one year turned into four! Now settled in Colorado, they enjoy RVing every chance they get and look forward to returning to the full time RV life once “the Bigs” fly the nest. They are passionate about encouraging families to get out and explore, connect, and make memories that will last a lifetime.