5 RV Expenses To Budget For

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5 RV Expenses To Budget For

There is no single RV budget that fits all. The budget available, as well as needs that can be planned for, depend on the type of RV and the RVer’s lifestyle. Some people are able to live their RV dream on $1,000 a month, whereas others may live on budgets higher or lower. However, there are many common expenses that the average RVer encounters.

By knowing these ahead of time, you are more likely to have fun since you won’t have unexpected RVing expenses impacting your monthly budget.

Knowing about the common RV expenses will also help you figure out which RV best fits your lifestyle, how big of a budget you have to work with, and more.

Below are five RV expenses to consider when making your budget.

1. Gas

When it comes to gas, there are two types I am referring to: the fuel to drive your RV and the propane. If your RV requires propane to power any appliances or hot water, know how much life you can get out of a tank and plan accordingly.

Fuel prices can also fluctuate widely from month to month and state to state, so knowing the prices in your final destination as well as pit stops along the way is something to consider.

The longer you stay in one spot, the less fuel you are likely to use, but if you are new to RVing you may find yourself hopping around a little more than usual. You should budget how much gas you think you will use and create a buffer just in case fuel costs increase.

2. Insurance

If you have an RV, you need insurance. You never know if something may happen to your RV or your belongings inside. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

RV insurance, on average, can range from several hundred dollars a year to several thousand dollars.

It is always best to do your research on the best value when it comes to RV insurance companies, which includes factoring in their customer service and reputation. Insurance isn’t any good if the insurance company won’t fix any problems.

3. Maintenance and annual fees

Whether you buy an RV new or used, there will be maintenance expenses and annual fees. It is always best to have a general idea of what the cost will be ahead of time, as it can vary widely between RV models and from state to state.

Maintenance costs and annual fees for an RV may include oil changes, tires, appliance repairs, license costs, registration fees, and more.

4. Other expenses

There are many costs that go into having an RV that you may overlook at first. While you won’t necessarily have to worry about room service, hotel stays or a rental car, you will have to think about campground fees, food, entertainment costs, and more.

5. The RV

Of course, we cannot forget this one. Purchasing the RV itself is most likely going to be the biggest RV expense you have.

There are many types of RVs, and they come in many different price ranges. The good news is there is one to suit every budget.

RVing can be a very enjoyable experience. The great thing about RVing is that it can be done on nearly any budget – it all depends on what you are looking for!

Do you have any expenses you always consider when planning your RV budget? Let me know in the comments!

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