10 Tips For Cooking In An RV

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10 Tips For Cooking In An RV

Making the most of your RV's kitchen space while traveling can be challenging. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips to make cooking in your RV feel less stressful and more like a vacation!

We run the camp cooking website Fresh Off The Grid and have spent over two years living on the road. During that time, we’ve gathered a lot of experience about the best ways to cook on the road. While we’ve accrued a few cooking “hacks,” we have actually found the most effective way to make your RV cooking easier and more enjoyable is to have a plan ahead of time.

So to help in that process, we’ve compiled ten tips for cooking in an RV.

  • Plan Out Your Meals

    For shorter trips, map out the number of days and the number of meals you plan on cooking. Having a plan for each meal will help you develop a grocery list and will ensure you’re never caught scrambling.

  • Keep it Simple!

    When selecting your meals, stick with simple meals that use cooking methods you’re familiar with. It’s a good idea to cycle through the same breakfast and lunches every couple of days, but it’s nice to have something unique to look forward to for dinner. If you’re looking for some simple camping recipes, here are a few of our favorites:  Easy Camping Meals
  • Bring a Camp Stove

    Cooking inside the RV can be great – especially during inclement weather. But on a warm summer day, at a beautiful campsite, it’s nice to cook outside. Consider buying or renting a portable propane camp stove so you can set up your “kitchen” on any picnic table.

  • Print Out / Save Recipes

    Don’t rely on cell service wherever you’re camping. Print out or save the recipes locally to your phone, so you can reference them no matter where you are.
  • Prep Ingredients Ahead Of Time

    Before your trip, prep as many of your ingredients ahead of time as possible. Chop veggies, prep your meat for kabobs, build homemade marinades, sauces, and dressings.
  • Consider a Drinks Cooler

    Nearly all RV’s come with a built-in fridge, but it’s worth considering bringing a small portable cooler for drinks. Especially if you’re going to be hanging out outside, having a cold one nearby can be really handy.

  • Snacks

    Three meals a day is a great starting point, but don’t forget about snacks! Fruits, trail mix, and cheese sticks are great options while on the road. Chips & dip, cured meats, olives (and anything else that would go on a cheese plate!) are great snacks for camp.
  • Coffee Plan

    Make sure you have a solid coffee plan in advance. Are you buying preground beans or your bringing a grinder? For two people, we find the AeroPress to be the best option with the least mess. For larger groups, we prefer a good percolator. Keep in mind that you may not have access to power all the time, so be sure to bring a non-powered coffee maker, even if it’s just as a backup.

  • Bring Essential Cooking Equipment

    Particularly if you are renting an RV, consider bringing some of your more essential cooking equipment from home. A sharp chef’s knife, a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, a good coffee system, flat metal skewers. A rental will probably have all the basics, but they will probably be just that: basic.

  • Progressive Cleaning

    No matter the size of the RV, counter space is always limited. Don’t let dirty dishes and unwashed cookware pile up. Clean as you go. Not only will this help keep your tiny kitchen space from getting cluttered, but it will also save you from having to put in a Herculean effort at the end of the night.

Bonus: If you are looking for a few tried-and-true camping meals, here are a few to get you started!


Megan and Michael run the blog, Fresh Off The Grid, your online destination for all things camp cooking. From recipes to instructional guides to gear reviews, their mission is to help you elevate your outdoor experience through food and drink. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight backpacking recipe or quick & fun car camping meal idea, you will find it at Fresh off the Grid.

Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet

Fresh Off The Grid

Megan and Michael run Fresh Off The Grid, your online destination for all things camp cooking. They believe that it’s possible to enjoy delicious, healthy-ish meals while camping without buying a ton of different ingredients or dirtying a ton of dishes. They strive to develop recipes that require a low effort but have a big pay off.