11 Tips For A Well-Equipped RV Kitchen

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11 Tips For A Well-Equipped RV Kitchen

(plus one bonus tip you don’t want to miss)

1. A magnetic wall board is beyond handy to store spices, hang utensils and anything else within easy reach. Pour your favorite everyday oils, vinegars, etc. into small glass bottles to keep on the counter for easy access (a wooden storage box will keep them in place while towing — a little strip of non-slip liner under the box is necessary). These items can be found at your local home goods store.

2. Never fear broken drinkware again with gorgeous stainless steel drinkware. Mason jars as drinkware are also very sturdy and can multitask as storage containers for leftovers in the fridge.

3. You can bring ceramic plates, bowls, etc. – just be sure to protect them by cutting out circles from sheets of felt and nesting in between.

4. A variety of containers in drawers and cabinets help keep smaller items at bay. I use containers from my home that have mysteriously lost their lids – instead of tossing I recycle them in the trailer kitchen for just this purpose.

5. Collapsible anything – like this salad strainer that takes up minimal space. It is also multipurpose which is perfect for the RVing lifestyle (drain pasta, wash berries, use the bowl to serve pasta, etc.)

6. Sharp knives are essential but you don’t want them rattling around in the drawer while under tow, keep them (and your fingers) safe by placing in a wooden knife block and storing in a drawer, lying flat.

7. For deep cabinets, a set of pull out drawers and stick up lights add to the functionality (see before and after photo above).

8. I like to keep tomatoes, avocados, onions, lemons out on my counter. I think they look beautiful along with being essential ingredients.  Keep yours stored on a two-tier server.

9. A high-power blender is the best kitchen accessory for the RV. You can make soups, smoothies, and sauces in a pinch with super easy cleanup.

10. Folding shelves placed in cabinets make a great place to store kitchen towels while providing for additional storage underneath. A bamboo dish drainer that sits atop the sink is indispensable in creating more counter space while allowing dishes used in between washings to dry.

11. The one very real struggle I had with my RV kitchen was the dishwashing situation. I tried everything from collapsible dish drainers to countertop drying.  This for me, has worked the best and I hope it may help you too if you’ve struggled like I have.

Bonus tip:  Mastering the Art of RV Dishwashing


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