9 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Take An RV Trip With Their Kids

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9 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Take An RV Trip With Their Kids

Planning a family vacation and considering an RV trip? Then you are definitely thinking in the right direction.

We recently went on our first RV trip from California to Nevada, to Utah, to Arizona and finally back to California where we started and it was amazing.

We had such a great time visiting National Parks and just enjoying each other’s company as a family.

Before we took our first RV trip, we didn’t know what to expect as a family. By the end of the trip, I couldn’t help but think about all the benefits of RV travel that we discovered as a family.

Utah National Parks Road Trip + Southwest Road Trip
9 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Take An RV Trip With Their Kids
9 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Take An RV Trip With Their Kids
9 Reasons Why Every Parent Should Take An RV Trip With Their Kids

RV Trips With Kids Are Comfortable

Planning an RV trip with my family gave us the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds; the comfort of our home, and at the same time, being able to get outdoors and explore different National Parks.

It also gave us the opportunity to customize our travel as per our convenience, and not be stuck with the constraints of hotel checkout times and flight schedules.

We were able to pack our favorite things from home, take as many books as we wanted and cook our own meals when we wanted too, when we wanted to.

RV Trips With Kids Are Fun

Just like any regular vacation, going on an RV trip with kids is a lot of fun. My kids enjoyed all the RV sites we stayed at, especially playing at the playground, chasing animals and meeting new friends.

Every morning they would get up, put on their shoes and run out to play. Something that they don’t always do when we are home. We enjoyed having our bikes with us and we were able to get out and ride our bikes as well as partake in different campground activities.

We enjoyed stargazing at night, taking hikes, making s’mores and just hanging out around the campfire on cold evenings.

The World Will Be Their Classroom

My kids are homeschooled, which is the best decision I made for them and taking an RV trip was like the icing on the cake, meaning it was basically a field trip for them. How many kids can get to go on a 10 day field trip exploring all the beauty America has to offer?

Not only were they able to take their school work on the road which they completed during long drives, but they had the opportunity to learn first hand about what they’ve been reading in those school books.

They learned about national parks and even got their Jr. Ranger badges, they drew pictures of what they saw at the National Parks and along the way.

RV Trip With Kids Allows For Flexibility

One of the best things about taking an RV trip with kids is the freedom that it gave us. We had the freedom and flexibility to make the choices we wanted.

We could drive wherever we wanted to without any restrictions. When I planned our RV trip, I didn’t book anything in advance because I just wanted us to go with the flow.

If the kids were enjoying a certain place, then we would just spend more time there. The spontaneity that came with taking a family RV trip was amazing, allowing us to explore so much more this way.

RV Trips With Kids Are Worry Free

Planning a vacation with kids can be tough, but when planning an RV trip with kids, it is worry free.

We basically had a moving house, and were able to enjoy the comforts of our home away from home making the transition really easy for us.

You’ll Spend Quality Family Time Together

With how busy life gets, between work, the kids homeschool and sports schedule, it seems like all we do is rush in and out from one place to the other.

Being in the RV together as a family everyday allowed us to slow down a bit and truly enjoy the company of each other.

We bonded as a family over board games, watched TV together – well when there’s only one TV everyone has to agree on something to watch together.

We cooked meals as a family in and out of the RV. The kids loved helping with the grill especially.

I thought maybe after the excitement of the first day wore off, the kids would start bickering and get tired of each other but instead they loved every minute of being together.

RV Trips With Kids Are Affordable

An obvious benefit of opting for an RV trip with your family is that it can be incredibly affordable. If you’re planning to stick to a budget but still have a little fun on your vacation, this is your best bet.

I can’t even imagine what the cost of plane tickets, hotels and eating out would have been for the 10 day RV trip through 4 states that we took.

We saved a lot of money by driving to all our destinations, cooking all our meals and renting an RV with enough room for all of us to sleep in.

You’ll Connect With Nature While On An RV Trip With Kids

Taking an RV trip with your family is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature, and get your little ones to get a taste of the outdoors.

It was a nice change from the traditional airports and hotel rooms that my kids are used to. We were able to experience, quietness, peace, adventure and a lot of fun as a family.

Bottom Line

If you’re taking an RV trip with kids for the first time, you’ll discover how amazing it is to discover and explore the world on a budget, while making lifelong memories along the way.

RVing is exciting, adventurous and fun filled way to spend some time with your family outdoors, and enjoy a nice vacation.

We loved RVing so much so that after we came back from our trip we started looking at RVs again and dreaming about our next family RV trip.

This post was sponsored by Go RVing, however all opinions are my own.

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