Camping 101 with Kids

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Camping 101 with Kids

So, your family has decided to go RV camping and maybe you’re not as psyched as they are? After all – this can’t be a real vacation, right?! Actually, it’s probably going to be one of the best vacations you’ve ever had! I’ve been camping my whole life so I have some great tips to share with you on how to make your camping trip an awesome adventure!

  • Get Involved in the Plans

    You’re going to be so much more excited about the trip if you have a say in where you’re going and what you’ll do when you get there. Research what there is to do in the area that you’d like to do or see. A special restaurant, mini-golf, thrift store, candy shop, sporting event, boating, fishing, historic tour – you get it.

  • Bring a VIP Bag of Stuff

    One of the best things about RVing is that there are no baggage limits so you can bring everything you want from home. However, most of that stuff is packed up for the ride to the campground so I learned a long time ago to pack a small bag of stuff to keep me busy until we get there – snacks, books, magazines, my tablet. You don’t want to go digging through bags to find any of your favorite things.
  • Don’t Over Pack

    You might think you need a lot of clothes, but you don’t and too much stuff actually gets annoying after a couple of days. Keep it light! You’re probably going to wear the same things at least twice and if something needs cleaning, most campgrounds have a laundry room. But just be prepared for all types of weather including colder nights.
  • Download Your Videos

    This one is scary but I promise you’ll be okay! Not all campgrounds have WiFi and if they do, it can sometimes be spotty. I know, it’s impossible to imagine. So, be sure to download all the movies, shows, and games on your tablet or phone before you set off on your trip. But believe me when I tell you that after a day at the campground, you’re actually going to forget about your phone!
  • Bring Your Bike or Scooter

    Some campgrounds have bikes for rent but if they don’t, you can attach yours to the back of the RV or put it inside for the trip. Most campgrounds are great for biking or riding your scooter and traffic always yields to kids in the road so your parents don’t have to worry. It’s a great way to see the whole campground and spend some time alone.
  • Try Geocaching!

    This is the coolest thing and perfect for a camping trip! It’s a treasure hunt that you track online. Other “Geocachers” hide small, waterproof containers and leave clues online on where it is. Once you find it, you sign the log inside and leave it for the next ‘cacher’. You can even leave a cache of your own for people to find! Get started at

  • Unplug

    You may not have a choice if there are no cell signals where you are, but even if you have WiFi, remember to unplug as much as you can. This is really important so please believe me – you will enjoy your vacation more if you put down the phone and get outside! Take an early morning walk or hike with your family. Be in the moment. Stare at the trees, listen to the ocean, watch the clouds move, lay in the grass, and look at the stars, notice the animals around you, connect with nature. It’s incredible how this helps your mood too!

  • Enjoy the Photo Ops

    Camping is the best time to take great photos to share with friends. You’re likely to see a lot of beauty in nature and it’s a great time to learn how to take photos that aren’t selfies! This might seem pretty obvious but watch where you’re going when you’re getting a good shot. You’d be surprised at how many accidents happen because people aren’t aware of what’s around them: Don’t get too close to a cliff and never turn your back on the ocean!

  • Make Some Art

    There are plenty of ways to create art when camping! Paint a rock (or picture). Find some seashells and design a necklace. Create a collage with things you find in nature. Make a gift for someone you love.

  • Make New Friends

    Walk around the campground and you will definitely see a bunch of other kids, some of them first-timers and others like me who’ve been here before, but all of us want other kids to hang out with. If there are campground activities for kids, definitely go! Campgrounds are very friendly places. Be open to meeting new friends!

The most important advice I can give you is to choose to see the trip as a great adventure. Be open to everything and everyone along the way (including your parents!)  Every camping trip is different and you’ll find new ways to have fun as you keep camping. There’s always something going on at the campground so there’s never a reason to be bored. When you choose to have fun, amazing things can happen!



With the significant increase in new RVers this summer, Go RVing has teamed up with its stable of influencers to provide helpful videos and articles for those first-time RVers to ensure they become RVers for life. Next up, who better to advise on camping with kids, than Simone Campanella a 12-year-old who has been RVing her whole life.