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Best Appliances For Your RV Kitchen

I’m at once a homebody and an adventurer. Can you relate? Nothing fits these dual sides of the adventurous homebody better than an RV. Wheels to satisfy the wanderlust and all the comforts of home while out on the road. Perfection.

My husband, Brent, and I both enjoy cooking and we find that meals together as a family complete our RV travels. During our 13+ years of RV ownership, more than four of those spent as full time RVers, we’ve experimented with a number of space and propane saving appliances. We are happy to share with you what we’ve found to be the best appliances for the RV kitchen.

Instant Pot

This handy dandy kitchen appliance is all the rage among RVers and non-RVers alike and it’s easy to see why. A multifunctional appliance that can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté, yogurt maker, rice cooker, steamer, and warmer. The Instant Pot reduces cooking time by half and saves energy, leaving you more time to spend with family. By replacing multiple appliances, it also saves precious space in the RV. If you are unsure about how to use it just turn to one of the many blogs and social media groups that are dedicated to cooking with this very useful kitchen gadget. I would go as far as to say if you only have room for one kitchen appliance in your RV this would be it!

Slow Cooker

I bet you are thinking, “Wait, wait! I thought you just said the Instant Pot can be used as a slow cooker and now you are saying I need a slow cooker?” Yes, the Instant Pot works as a slow cooker but if you have room both can be used together to finish a complete meal in minutes. It’s really great for those RVers who spend lots of time exploring away from the campground. For example, put a whole chicken in the slow cooker in the morning. Head out the door for the day. Come home and throw some potatoes in the Instant Pot to make fresh mashed potatoes. In less than 30 minutes and with very little work and cleanup you have a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal. Our family’s personal favorite is to throw chicken curry ingredients in the slow cooker and then head out for a day of exploring. When we get home that evening, we cook up rice in the Instant Pot and have a delicious and nutritious dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes with very little effort.

Induction Plate

An induction plate heats pots and pans using magnetic induction instead of a fire burner or an electric coil. The benefit of induction cooking is by controlling the strength of the electromagnetic field (that’s what heats the pan) you can instantaneously control the amount of heat being generated allowing precise cooking. Also, since the induction plate transfers heat directly to the pan there isn’t any excess heat which is great for keeping the RV cool on hot days. Specifically for RVers, induction plates save propane and give another cooking surface in addition to the stove top if needed. There have been many times when I’ve used both the stove and induction plate to cook a meal. Last but not least, you can plug it into an outside outlet if your RV doesn’t already have an outdoor kitchen.

Electric Kettle

Committed tea or coffee drinkers should consider getting an electric kettle because of their convenience and speed. Electric kettles quickly heat water while saving on propane costs. We also use our electric kettle to speed up the process of boiling a large pot of water by adding the boiling kettle water to the pot. If you have a coffee maker you may want to skip the electric kettle but if you use a pour over dripper or French press to make coffee then think about adding an electric kettle to your RV kitchen!

Compact Toaster Oven

You’ve probably noticed there are three main reasons appliances make this list: They are multi-functional, simplify cooking, and/or they save propane. Like the Instant Pot, a space-saving counter top toaster oven serves multiple purposes and it takes a lot less time to warm up than an oven. Choose one that bakes, broils, warms, and toasts. It’s great for warming up leftovers or smaller portions of frozen food or for baking in small batches. Like the induction plate you can also plug this in outside for more time outdoors and to help keep the temperature down in the RV on hot days.

Blender/Food Processor Combo

Cooking fresh food can be a lot of work but a good food processor can dramatically decrease prep time. What’s even better is a food processor that can double as a blender. Great for chopping vegetables or making a quick smoothie, a blender/food processor can make eating healthy on the road a breeze.


No list of RV kitchen appliances would be complete without a mention of the microwave. Microwaves are great for quickly defrosting foods or a fast reheat. Fortunately, the majority of RVs already come equipped with a microwave but if yours didn’t and you plan to add one you might want to consider a convection microwave. Convection microwaves combine the speed of the microwave to cook the inside of the food fast but the hot air from the fan circulates allowing the food to be browned or crisped like an oven.

Choosing the right kitchen appliances for your family will be largely based on your cooking style and space in your RV. As we’ve sold and bought new RVs over the years our kitchen appliance needs have changed but the goal to cook up some adventure is always the same!

What are your favorite appliances for the RV kitchen?

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