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A Day in the Life of An RVing Dog

Meet Huey, a scruffy dog who loves RVing with his humans! Here's a little bit about Huey's life as an RVing dog.

Woof, woof, and hello there! Welcome to a day in the life of an RVing dog. I'm your host Huey, a scruffy little dog who loves traveling the United States in an RV with his owners. Between the three of us, we've gotten the hang of RVing with a dog (aka me!).

From understanding pet campsite rules and what to pack for an RVing dog, we have a pretty good routine down so I don't get too homesick. I'll give you a little more insight into our day and what it looks like RVing with your dog.

An RVing Dog Morning Routine

Perimeter Safety Checks

RVing dogs never jump out of bed without a good stretch, the downward dog is my go-to. Before I am allowed to leave the inside of the RV for my morning campsite perimeter check and potty break, my owners always take a peek outside, just to make no wildlife is around. I would love to play with them, but my owners seem to feel differently.

Once the coast is clear, I'm tethered to my chew-proof (still trying to prove it wrong) 30ft lead, and off I go!

Breakfast Time

After some time outside, I head back to the RV and wait to be let back in for breakfast. My owners are always so organized when I come in. My leash goes onto a hook, my food is stored securely in a sealed container, and my collapsible dog food bowls are out and ready for use!

After breakfast, it's time to get ready for the day! I keep a very close eye on what my parents pack because it tells me what the day "entails".

Packing For A Day Out With An RVing Dog

I have two types of harness/leash sets. My walking leash and then of course my favorite, my trail harness! My parents have gotten really good at waiting until the last minute before they grab my harness or leash, so you can imagine my excitement is almost uncontrollable!

So I sit and I wait patiently. They pack their bags. They're grabbing snacks, I love snacks. They move towards the door to leave and grab my...hiking harness!

One of my favorite parts of being an RVing dog is all the outside time we get to have! Today is going to be full of adventure! And of course, every adventure starts with a good car ride which includes me sticking my head out the window to get a good smell of the open road.

Afternoon RVing Dog Activities

We arrive at the trail and I can barely contain myself! Before arriving, my owners always ensure I'm allowed on the trails. If I'm not, I usually get dropped off at a fun place my owners call, "doggy daycare".

Today, I can join them on the hike! With so many new and interesting smells it's no wonder why I look forward to this so much! Plus, I get to go off leash when I've been listening well and if the trail allows. I know to never let my owners site and if they call I always come running back!

What To Bring On A Hike With Your Dog

In case you were wondering what this RVing dog packs for a good trail hike, here are my must-haves:

  1. Lots of water - I get thirsty on hot days and hiking at altitudes
  2. Food - If we're going to be gone over one of my meals, having my kibbles in mom or dad's backpack is a must
  3. Plenty of Treats - I get rewarded for being a good boy, plus, having a little snack never hurts!
  4. Dog First Aid Kit - While I've never had to use it, my parents always keep a few emergency items on them in case I get hurt.
  5. Poop Bags - Hey, everyone does it. Unfortunately for mom and dad, they have to pick it up!
  6. Towel - Usually this is kept back in the truck. I like to get a little muddy so my paws always need a good wipe.

Once the hike is done, and I am back to the truck, you guessed it, nap time! I settle down on the backseat cover (Dad doesn't like the mess I bring in) and it's time to make our way to lunch. We always try and find a place that is dog friendly with a patio and hopefully some other RVing dogs to chat with. Oh, and my parents are always good about bringing a toy or two for me, I get bored quickly!

Some towns can be challenging to find dog-friendly eateries, so we may head back to camp to eat lunch. As long as I get a few bites of my parent's food, I'm fine with either option!

Evening Routine

Once back at the RV, I do another perimeter check while mom and dad unpack and get everything put away. While they're inside, I usually squeeze another nap in here and there. The life of an RVing dog can be exhausting!

During the evening at the campsite, we occasionally meet other RVing dogs, and when they want to say hi, we have a grand ole time exploring around the campsite together!

Once all the sniffing and socializing is done, I watch mom and dad cook dinner in hopes of a morsel to drop. I am very proud of my ability to wait, some calling it begging, but I say otherwise.

After we eat dinner, we make a campfire and I’ll find one of my bones to chew. I love squeaky toys, but mom says I'm annoying to our neighbors so bones, Kongs, and sticks are what I get to play with.

I of course continue with perimeter checks throughout the evening just to make sure we all stay safe, this is one of the most important tasks as an RVing dog. There have even been occasions where I have to howl at the coyotes. Sometimes they get a little too close for comfort...probably wanting to steal my treats!

Time For Bed

Around 9:30-ish, I'm ready for bed. I'll start to nudge my parents and sometimes hop in their lap to let them know it's time to go inside and go to sleep.

We get one last look at the stars, put out the campfire, and go inside. But not before I get a complete wipe down and tick check! This is a must to make sure I stay healthy and am always ready for my next RVing dog adventure.

I’m always the first to hop into bed and as a family, we settle in for the night and fall asleep in our home on wheels. Lastly, I doze off and have sweet, sweet RVing dog dreams of a promising next day.

Jesse and Lauren Stuart

The Wandering Stus

Lauren and Jesse Stuart, a travel blogging couple, along with their dog Huey cruise the country in their travel trailer sharing travel tips, itineraries, and their adventures along the way!