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The Evening Routine and Prepping for the Next Day

What do you need to do to prep for your next day of adventure? Matt explains what to do the night before your next adventure and when to convert your sleeping areas and settle the family for the night.

In an RV, every inch of space counts so keeping that space uncluttered is really important.  Everything you need should have a dedicated place in your RV so when it’s time to get ready for bed, you’ve got everything put away that you don’t need for nighttime and you can easily pull out your bedding. Here’s our family’s evening routine:

Tip One: Shower Lineup

I recommend taking a shower at night so not only are you ready to hit the ground running in the morning, but you’re also cleaning off any of the day’s debris. If you’ve got kids you’re going to want to decide on the lineup. Some kids will take longer and will use more hot water too. Your campground’s shower facilities are a great alternative too. When you’re done with the towels, hang them outside to dry so they’ll be ready to store in the morning.

Tip Two: Empty the Trash

Empty all your trash and recyclables in the campground’s waste receptors. Do not keep it outside your RV, even if you have a can with a lid! Nothing attracts unwelcome nocturnal visitors more. Be sure to take a flashlight and check to see that no critters are waiting for you at the campground’s trash bins too.

Tip Three: Covert Your Beds

It might be tempting to turn that couch or dinette into the bed early so you can relax and watch a movie or TV, but don’t.  Only convert your furniture when you’re ready to go to sleep. Talk as a family about when bedtime will be and try to stick to it, knowing some kids will want to stay up later.

Tip Four: Talk With Your family!

Turn off the TV, put down the phones or tablets and talk with your family about the day. What did everyone like? What should we do tomorrow? What do we love about this adventure most? These are memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Take those extra minutes to end the day on a positive note.

Matt Light evening routine
Figure out the shower lineup
Don't leave you trash outside your RV
Don't leave your trash outside your RV. Always take it to the campground’s waste receptors.
Dinette to Bed
Figure out the best time to convert your beds
Matt Light Family
Talk to your family
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Matt Light, former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots is an enthusiastic RVer following his 11-year NFL career that included 5 Super Bowl appearances, 3 Super Bowl championships, and 3 trips to the Pro Bowl over the course of 11 seasons. He now spends his time running the Light Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving at-risk kids a better chance at leading healthy lives by using the great outdoors to learn and grow. The foundation provides them with opportunities to reach their highest potential and become mentors to their peers. The Light Foundation also provides academic scholarships to deserving young student leaders in Ohio and New England and gives kids opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to get outside and take on a challenge or to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.