Finding Farmers Markets While RVing

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Finding Farmers Markets While RVing

One of the best parts about traveling in an RV is getting to explore local shops and one of our favorite forms of exploring the local area is through farmer's markets. So much fresh, local produce awaits as well as hand-made soaps and crafts and unique gifts. Farmer markets really are the perfect spot to shop and get a feel for how the locals do it.

A lot of farmer’s markets even offer prepared meals that you can grab and have a ready-made meal while on the road. But, how do you find a farmers market when you’re exploring a place you’ve never been before?

Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing
Finding Farmers Markets While RVing

Ask Around at the Campground or RV Park

If you’re staying at a campground, ask the front desk staff about any local farmer’s markets. This is one of the easiest ways to find any farmer’s markets in the area and also a great way to hear whether they are worth it or not. You can also ask your neighbors camping near your site.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for brochures or bulletins that advertise local events in the campground you are staying, you may find farmers market listings there.

Ask the Locals

When you’re out and about, at the gas station, walking the dog or doing some shopping, stop and chat with the locals about what farmers markets are in the area. Most of them will be thrilled to share their town’s gems with you. They will probably even share their favorite stand with you.

The Chamber of Commerce

Another option is to check out the local chamber of commerce or visitor center in the area you are in. You can check online or visit the local building where you can find staff members that are local to the area.

They should be able to tell you about everything that’s going on. Sometimes at the physical building you might also find brochures or bulletins with local farmer’s markets.

The Internet

Of course, a simple solution these days is to simply search the internet for “location + farmers market,” but for a lot of smaller towns they might not advertise on the internet. So, there are a few other websites that are gold mines when it comes to scouting farmer’s markets:


  • USDA Local Food Directories

    This is a great source to find farmers markets near the zip code you are visiting. You can put the many mile radius to search in and it will let you know what is within that specific area.
  • Local Farm

    This website lists farmers markets after you select the state you are in. Once you se-lect a state you click the county of the area you are in and it will list farmers markers and also farm stands in that local area.
  • U.S. Farmers Markets

    This is an app you can download on any android phone for free. It is very user friendly, you simply choose the state and it will bring up a map with all of the farm-ers markets in that state. When you click on each pin it will bring up the information for the farmers market including the times, and exact location.
  • Farmers Market USA

    This app is for anyone that has an iPhone. It is a free app that you can select the sate that you are in and click the pin closest to you to find out all of the details about that specific market.

Tips for Shopping at a Farmers Market

  • Arrive early in order to get the best selection of fresh produce and homemade gifts. The early-morning hours offer the freshest produce and gives you the opportunity to talk with the farmers and vendors because they won’t be as busy.
  • Bring reusable bags with you.
  • Take a stroll around the entire farmers market when you first get there instead of buying from the first stand you see.
  • Bring cash. Even though many farmers market stands are equipped to take credit or debit cards, you can’t count on that, especially in smaller towns.
  • Vendors are extremely knowledgeable about what they are selling. It’s ok to ask questions about how the food was grown. Most vendors will be more than happy to answer your questions, especially when they hear that you are from out of town.

Ready to Visit More Farmers Markets?

We guarantee that by scoping out farmers markets on your next RV trip, you will make some great memories with your family in addition to tasting some of the fresh-est and most delicious produce, baked goods and prepared meals out there. It’s a chance to really take in the local vibes and also find some unique, hand-crafted gifts and trinkets.

Do you love checking out farmers markets while you are out RVing? Please comment your tips and tricks below to finding the best markets around:


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