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Get the Kids Excited About These Outdoor Activities While RVing

When you envision RVing with your family, the first image that springs to mind is spending time outdoors. One of the greatest benefits about RVing is enjoying all that nature has to offer while being able to take the comforts of home with you. If you have kids, especially older children and teens, getting them excited about spending time outdoors and off their electronics can be half the battle.

My three children, now teenagers, have been camping and RVing since they were infants. Traveling with them has always been a joy, but I will admit that there were times when getting them to leave the electronics behind and enjoy nature was a challenge. I have this same problem more than I care to admit. Now that they are older, they fully embrace and appreciate all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Man and Two Children Eating Outside of RV at night

What’s my secret? I do not ban electronics when we go outdoors. Instead, digital apps, GPS, and the phone’s camera are incorporated into some of our activities. Eventually, the kids become more interested in what's beyond their screen, want to put it down, and enjoy being in their surroundings.

Here let me share ten outdoor activities we enjoy doing together. Then I’ll include a few helpful planning tips to make your next RV trip a fun-filled family adventure.

Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids

Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities to do as a family while RVing. I'll start with activities (#1-#3) that can utilize a phone or GPS device and trail down to tech free activities.

Using Tech While Camping

1. Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a great way to get kids excited about spending time outdoors without leaving their tech behind. This activity is basically a real-world treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find hidden “caches” (usually containers) that other geocachers have hidden. You use either a cell phone with a GPS app or a GPS device to find the caches.

My kids love geocaching and it's a great way to get them moving and exploring new areas. Caches can be found almost anywhere, including state and national parks, so there's sure to be some near your campsite.

2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

One of the best ways to get kids excited about spending time outdoors is to make it a game. A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to do this. You can create your own checklist of items or nature objects to find, or you can download a ready-made list online. Print out the list or  put it on your phone, and head out on the hunt.

If you want to allow tech use, encourage everyone to take pictures of what they find and make it into a photo scavenger hunt.

Two Kids Hiking

3. Go on a Hike

Explore all the different hiking trails in the area around your campsite or local area. This is a great way to get some exercise and take in the scenery. If you have younger kids, be sure to choose a trail that is appropriate for their age and abilities. For older children and teens, consider a longer or more challenging hike. Encourage them to use a trail map and compass (or phone GPS) to find the way.

Woman and Boy Playing Cornhole in front of Cabin

4. Play Some Games

There are tons of great outdoor games you can play as a family. If you have a large group, try games like ultimate Frisbee, touch football, water gun wars, or camping charades. For smaller groups, try games like cornhole, washer toss, or lawn darts. And for a family with younger children, try classic games like tag or hide-and-seek.

5. Go Rock Climbing

If you are looking for a fun and challenging outdoor activity, try rock climbing. It’s a great way to get some exercise and spend time outdoors. You can either find a local rock-climbing wall or go to a nearby state park that has cliffs you can climb.

6. Go Fishing

Fishing is a classic outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. It’s also a great way to teach kids about patience and responsibility. If you don’t have your own gear, you can usually rent it from the campground or nearby sporting goods store.

Boy and Man Fishing

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