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Go RVing Scavenger Hunt

Here is a fun activity to do on the road whether it's by yourself, with your friends, or with the kids! Try and complete all of the items on the list next time you go on a road trip!

Go RVing Scavenger Hunt

  • #1

    Spot car license plates from the lower 48 states (bonus points for Alaska and Hawaii).
  • #2

    See a bald eagle in the wild.
  • #3

    Go star gazing (bonus points for The Big and Little Dipper).
  • #4

    Cross a state border.
  • #5

    See an animal with antlers.
  • #6

    Visit a building built before 1850.
  • #7

    Spot a teardrop trailer, a popup trailer, an expandable trailer, a camper van, a motorhome RV, and a travel trailer.
  • #8

    Find a natural cave or cavern.
  • #9

    See an animal that lives in a shell.
  • #10

    Find a waterfall (taller than 10 feet).
  • #11

    Visit a National Monument.
  • #12

    Visit a National Park.
  • #13

    Eat at a restaurant that opened before 1950.
  • #14

    Find a home that belonged to a president.
  • #15

    Spot an American flag and a state flag on the same flagpole.
  • #16

    Find animal tracks.
  • #17

    Spot an antique car.
  • #18

    Locate an authentic BBQ joint.
  • #19

    Visit a natural landmark.
  • #20

    Visit a natural landmark.

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