I Rv So I Can Meet Like-Minded, Out Of The Box Thinkers

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I RV So I Can Meet Like Minded Thinkers

According to Merriam Webster thinking outside of the box is ”to explore ideas that are creative and unusual and that are not limited or controlled by rules or tradition.” This is a HUGE reason why we RV. Let’s be real anyone who RVs full time is totally an outside of the box thinker. Seriously who chooses to move into an RV and travel around with only the essentials?

How Is RVing Different While Vacationing?

One of the biggest differences about vacationing in an RV is that you have your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with you at all times. This is a big contrast to flying to a destination and renting a hotel if you’re going on vacation.

The other difference is that you will be emptying out your own sewer, filling up your water, and getting rid of gray water. All of the above stinky things, you wouldn’t have to do if you stayed at a hotel.

This makes the person RVing a total out of the box thinker. They’re not afraid to deal with sewage and the great outdoors.

How is RVing Different Than a Sticks and Bricks Home?

If you live in an RV full time like we do there is a whole lot of out of the box thinking. If you’re still of working age like us this means you also have to work while RVing. RVing full time doesn’t mean you’re on a permanent vacation.

The difference is that you are living in a tiny space by yourself or with your family (we personally have 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs). This makes for a lot of bonding, family time, and exploring the great outdoors. If your kids are of school age like our oldest, this also means roadschooling AKA homeschooling from the road.

We have to figure out where we are parking, what time we’re working, and how long we’re staying at each destination in addition to finding local grocery stores, gas stations, and anything else that we might need. Setting up and breaking down is also on the schedule.

Fellow Neighbors We’ve Met

We have been traveling the country full time in our RV since July 2016 which means that we have had quite a few “out of the box thinkers” as neighbors just like us. We have met people from all walks of life that decided to go against what society was saying we “had to do” and instead do what felt right for ourselves and our families.

We personally tried the big house with the white picket fence, the yard, the man cave, and all the things to fill the home and it simply didn’t work for us. Not that there’s anything wrong with all of that but we felt stuck in a way. We were craving adventure and freedom.

Queue in our RV AKA Big Bertha (40’ Heartland Fifth Wheel).

Our RV seriously transformed our lives and made us appreciate the little things more. We also learned the art of living intentionally and the BEST part? We have met so many others that think the same way as us.

No matter how different our pasts are we share something in common: We went against the “status quo” only in search of fulfillment. In the process, we all had to think outside of the box for everything from how we make an income to how we get our mail.

When Problems Happen

Something that comes with traveling in an RV is that problems randomly happen because a whole tiny home is being moved around. Imagine putting a sticks and bricks home on a set of wheels and moving it? Things will go wrong after a while.

When it comes to fixing problems that happen with an RV such as slide outs not coming in, or landing legs not coming up, the first rule of thumb is not to panic. Panicking will not solve anything and this is what fellow out of the box thinkers understand. Instead finding a creative way to fix the situation and get through the day is first on the list.

Thanks to our “crazy” way of thinking, instead of fixating on the problem at hand with our RV we focus on the end result of getting whatever lemons life threw at us under control. We know that like with anything else once we get to the other side of the situation everything will be fine and someone somewhere else is dealing with something way worse.

Why Are There So Many RVers That Think Outside of the Box?

This is a GREAT question and one that leaves us pondering for a second. Maybe it’s the fact that we are not sitting still as we travel to a new place to park, or maybe it’s the fact that we spend more time with nature and breathing in some fresh air, or maybe it’s the fact that things are constantly changing?

We can’t 100% answer the question above but we can tell you this: There’s more than one way to do things, live life, and be happy.

At the end of the day we (1st Class RV Adventures) RV to meet other out of the box thinkers because they inspire us to continue living the way that works for us.

Whatever it is that makes you happy and feel fulfilled that’s what you should be doing. Find your own “away” and let us know in the comments below how long you have been RVing – WE LOVE hearing from you!

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