Kelly, Rachel, and Jeff sitting at table

Expert Advice

Kelly and Rachel's RV Adventures

Kelly Paulson and Kelly Hrebenar recruit their friends, Chef Jeff Kawakami, Ranier Pollard, and Doug Kreeger, to join them on the road and share their tips on cooking, staying fit, and traveling with dogs.

The following videos were originally published as part of our partnership with Queerty, and story 1, story 2, and story 3 can be found here.

Chef Jeff's Tips for Cooking on the Road:

  1. Don't take things you don't need. Use what you have. 
  2. Box mixes are good to bring because they take up less space.
  3. Make sauces ahead of time. 
  4. Bring lots of herbs.
  5. Have mixes on hand that are versatile. 

Ranier Pollard's Tips for Staying Fit on the Road

  1. Enjoy the views while you're working out.
  2. You don't have to do an intense workout, just get up and move. 
  3. Take time to explore when you get to a new place. Don't think of it as a workout.
  4. Movement is a privilege, so get out there and move your body. 

Doug Kreeger's Tips for RVing with Dogs:

  1. Have a leash run so that your dog has freedom to roam while still being safely restrained. 
  2. Serve meals while the RV is parked and have collapsable water bowls to keep inside and outside the RV at all times. Also have a travel dog water bottle on hand for walks and adventures.
  3. Have a compatible pool so your dog can stay cool. 


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