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Mariano Family Vacation - On the Road with Boston Rob

Rob Mariano from Survivor and Amazing Race hits the road with his family on their first-ever RV trip.

Mariano Family RV Trip Highlights

Check back weekly for trip updates and follow the Mariano family on their road trip.

Boston Rob Family RV Trip - Week 1

Boston Rob Family RV Trip - Week 2

Boston Rob Family RV Trip - Week 3

The Reveal: Watch the family's reaction when they find out they are going on an epic RV trip

Tips, Tricks and How-tos

Check back weekly for the Mariano family's trips and tricks on using your RV and setting up.

Boston Rob Shows How to Easily Hook-Up Your RV's Water

Boston Rob Shows How Easy it is to Get Your Sewer Line Hooked Up

Boston Rob Shows How to Use the RV Stabilizer

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Reality Star

You may know Boston Rob from his appearances on Survivor, a record 5 times! Having completed 188 days spent on the island throughout his Survivor career, he is also a two-time competitor, along with his wife and Survivor alum Amber Brkich, on the multi-Emmy-award-winning CBS show The Amazing Race. Rob has also starred in his own regular CBS Early Show segment, Rob to the Rescue, and has hosted various television events and shows, including ABC’s The Split, UPN’s The Player, Sci-Fi’s Sci-Fi Investigates, and Around the World in 80 Ways for the History channel. Rob and Amber have four daughters, Lucia, Carina, Isabetta, and Adelina.