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Rainy Day Ideas When RVing With Kids

So you’ve got this great weekend planned. Your kids are excited about riding their bikes around the campground. There is a great hiking trail through the forest that leads to a crystal blue lake, a perfect place for a picnic. And maybe you’ll even take a much-needed nap in the hammock while you inhale the fresh scent of evergreens. Yes, it’s going to be a perfect Saturday AWAY in the RV. Then it rains.

It happens. There are few things we can control in life and weather certainly isn’t one of them. The good news is there is still fun to be had. It’s one of the reasons you bought an RV. Unlike a tent, the RV comes equipped with comfort and convenience even when it rains. So don’t despair, you can still take that nap in your own cozy bed and listen to raindrops as they fall on the RV roof. (And raindrops falling on the RV sound so much cozier than falling on a house roof!) And don’t forget to look for those rainbows!

But what about the kids?

Sure, a nap may not sound as dreamy to the kids as it does to you but there are still plenty of activities to pass the time while listening to raindrops fall outside your window.

Bring Out the Books

Nothing better than snuggling up with a good book on a rainy day. Head to the library or bookstore before you leave on your trip. Librarians can be great help in finding books your kids will enjoy. If the book is part of a series, get a couple of them. For the little ones, bring a stack of favorite board books.

Build Forts

If your kids are younger, the dinette table makes a great place to build a fort. Pull out the flashlights, blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. If you are traveling in a bunkhouse the bunks can be transformed from an ordinary sleeping space to an imaginative play space. And you might be surprised how the big kids join in with their younger siblings, making it a family affair!

Cook It Up

This is a perfect rainy day activity. Take advantage of your RV kitchen and if your kids are older, let them practice an important life skill, cooking! You might be surprised at what they can do! Thing 2 made the most delicious cheesy potato soup one rainy day. When we realized the rain wasn’t going to let up we looked online until we found a recipe for which we already had the ingredients on hand. He stills talks about that soup with pride! Or keep it extra simple and be prepared with ingredients for cookies or other special treats. If your kids are too young to be let loose in the kitchen, they’ll love helping you bake.

Family Story Time

Gather around the sofa and exchange stories with your kids. If you think you may have trouble getting people to talk, do a quick Google search for “ice breakers” and print it out to bring along with you. Most kids love hearing stories about their parents’ childhoods or reminiscing about past camping trips!

Get Your Game On

Keep a stash of games in the RV for after dinner or rainy day fun! Games are not only a great way to pass time, but they strengthen family relationships and create fun memories. There are a number of games that are compact and won’t use all of your precious RV storage space.

Get Creative

Kids of all ages enjoy engaging in something creative. From coloring books to complex models for older kids to a simple box of Legos, there are all sorts of ways to engage in creativity and pass time. Head to the nearest craft store and pick out a project or two to keep stashed away in your RV.

Electronic Discovery

We did this on a whim a few weeks ago. It had been raining all day and the troops were getting restless by late afternoon. I was trying to think of things to do when I saw my old hairdryer in the bathroom. It occurred to me that this could be a useful activity. I took it to Thing 1, who is mechanically inclined, and told him he could take it apart to figure out how it worked. I may or may not have gotten an eye roll at first but I insisted it would be fun. Guess what? An hour later he was still working on it and showing me how the different parts worked together! Best of all he was smiling and enjoying himself. If you have an older child it may be a good idea to bring along an older appliance or electronic of some sort or head to the thrift store to pick up something.

Family Movie

Most of us buy RVs to get away from the busyness of modern life and for the comforts of home. Take advantage of those comforts on the next rainy day and snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn for a family movie. Save the movie for later in the day after you’ve used up some of your other rainy day options. Who knows it might clear up by then or you may need the peace and quiet that comes with relaxing in front of the television!

Indoor Attraction

A rainy day is perfect time to visit museums, go bowling, head out to the campground nature center, or any other local indoor attraction. Some campgrounds even have indoor activities in the family center. Do a quick search on the internet to see if anything is nearby.

Play In It!!!

Why stay indoors when your kids can head outside to be kids! Pull out those rain boots and umbrellas and let the kids be kids by splashing away in the puddles!!!! Afterwards they can clean up in the RV and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa. It may end up being their favorite day of the camping trip!

What about you! How do you pass time when you Go RVing and it rains? Any other ideas to add to my list?

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