Rainy Day RV Activities

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Rainy Day RV Activities

It’s early morning and you’re tucked into your warm and comfy RV bed when you begin to hear it . . . *Plink……Plink…………….Plink* — it’s the sound of Mother Nature’s gift of rain showers dancing on the roof of your beloved RV. Be it a brief passing of rain, or a torrential downpour– you can either embrace the rain, gear up and head on out – or you could cozy up inside your RV and enjoy some rainy day activities that seem to be even more comforting when it’s pouring rain.

Simple and Fun Jewelry Work

I always make it a point to bring along my little plastic compartment box full of beads and little jewelry making treasures I have found during our road trip adventures.  Stopping off in little towns along the way you are sure to find a rock and gem store where you can pick up some of the most unique pieces to incorporate into a simply strung beaded bracelet or necklace.  In my kit that I keep on board I have a variety of beads, feathers, crimping beads, a  pair of needle nose pliers (for the crimping beads) and a spool of elastic bead cord – easily found at craft stores or online.  This kit can grow quickly so I make sure to leave some extra compartments empty in order to accommodate beads and supplies I’ll find in the future.  The process of stringing beads and creating as you go is truly meditative, especially with the sound of raindrops outside.

Test Kitchen

Another activity that I think is so enjoyable to do when it’s pouring rain, is discovering a new recipe.  I’m always challenging myself with my little RV oven and I feel so very accomplished when a batch of cookies turn out perfectly.  During the fall I like to get a head start on my holiday baking and begin my “test kitchen” of sorts by testing out different cookie recipes I’ll be preparing for the holidays.  I take notes and tweak the cookie recipes as I go so when the holidays roll around, there’s no second guessing.  The recipes are ready to go and have been tried and tested.  Plus the boys don’t seem to mind this “test kitchen” time (win-win).

Good Reads

Another hot cup of tea and some great books to read are tops on my list. My favorite books to read are those that educate me and help me plan for future road trips.

Take for example the Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer Detailed Topographic Maps for one – this Washington State book is HUGE but it gives me the *big* picture as I can easily read the roads and routes which helps me plan future road trips I’d love to take.  There is just something about holding a big ole’ map in your hand vs. scrolling online.  I’m also very fond of my Pacific Northwest Camping Book by Tom Stienstra – full of RV park recommendations that are indispensable to anyone looking for the perfect campground.  It tells you the good and the bad of the campgrounds and so much more.  I couldn’t be without it.

Getting to Know Your Camera

If you’re an experienced photographer or just beginning to learn, you probably have the instruction book that came along with your camera, somewhere.  For the longest while I tossed that little instruction book back deep into my camera bag and never gave it another thought until one rainy day I decided to have a closer look at it.  I was amazed at everything I learned about my trusty camera – so many tips, tricks and calibration techniques.  I often sit down with my camera during a relaxing rainy day in the Airstream and take some time to go through my book chapter-by-chapter, with my camera on the ready next to me so I can test out the new techniques that I’ve learned from the book.  You’d be surprised how immersed one can get in that little instruction book so please don’t toss it aside like I once did. There’s a lot to be learned!

Either way, rain or shine – all of the above activities I have mentioned can be thoroughly enjoyed in your RV. But for some reason, these activities accompanied by the sound of raindrops falling on the roof make for an exceptionally cozy experience!

If you have a favorite rainy day activity you’d like to share, I’d sure love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Together with her husband and young son, Monica Bennett seeks out nonstop RVing adventures and culinary discoveries in the Pacific Northwest. Her travels on the road inspire her work as a photographer and writer for her blog, “Just 5 More Minutes,” where she shares her passion for cooking in her RV, demonstrates creative DIY crafting projects, and writes about mastering the art of RVing domesticity. The RVing lifestyle is Monica’s escape from her 9-5 as a graphic designer in busy corporate America.