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ROAM Academy 101 - Finding your Creative Voice on the Road

Singer and songwriter Melissa Fuller explains how to find creative inspiration on the road and covers everything from writing exercises, turning your RV into a creative retreat, and writing as an art form.

This content was originally published on ROAM. With outdoor adventure as part of their company’s DNA, ROAM believes fostering community and social connection are core to creating the world’s #1 adventure club. ROAM connects icons, athletes, experts, and visual storytellers to create original content for the outdoor enthusiast. ROAM Academy and Go RVing partnered to provide education to those new RVers just getting started as well as current RVers looking for some RV hacks and tips. More ROAM Academy content can be found HERE.

In case you missed it, watch ROAM ACADEMY 102 for Melissa's classes on how to stretch your creativity, two hacks to make yourself a campfire hero, and how to pull all your new creative skills together.

ROAM Academy - Finding Your Original Voice

ROAM Academy 101 E1 - Writing As An Art Form

ROAM Academy 101 E2 - The RV Space as a Creative Retreat Final

ROAM Academy 101 E3 - Writing Routine

ROAM Academy 101 E4 - Creative Writing Exercise 1

ROAM Academy 101 E5 - Creative Writing Exercise 2

Melissa Fuller

Singer and Songwriter

Melissa Fuller is a singer and songwriter from Nashville, TN who has taken to the road with her husband and two young boys.  She shares her journey of finding her inspiration and exploring her creativity by experiencing beautiful places and vast landscapes. Through travel, she can truly be herself and share her most authentic voice as she blends her greatest passions of singing, songwriting, travel, and her family.