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ROAM Academy 101 – RV Cooking Basics and Essentials

Lentine Alexis is a seasoned chef, RVer, and athlete who combines her love of nature with her love of cooking. Through ROAM Academy, Lentine shares her tips on cooking essentials such as tools, ingredients, and basic skills.

This content was originally published on ROAM. With outdoor adventure as part of their company’s DNA, ROAM believes fostering community and social connection are core to creating the world’s #1 adventure club. ROAM connects icons, athletes, experts, and visual storytellers to create original content for the outdoor enthusiast. ROAM Academy and Go RVing partnered to provide education to those new RVers just getting started as well as current RVers looking for some RV hacks and tips. More ROAM Academy content can be found here.

Watch ROAM Academy 102 for recipes that can be easily cooked in your RV.

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Lentine Alexis ROAM

Chef, Author, and Athlete

Lentine Alexis is a classically trained chef, cookbook author, and former professional endurance athlete. After spending nine years as a professional endurance triathlete and yoga instructor, living in Asia, Europe and the United States, Lentine cultivated a career in international diplomacy. The foreign environments taught her what it meant to fuel life and sport. She became fascinated with the way that cooking and eating real food made her feel in training and racing. Eventually, she realized that the work she longed to do through policy couldn’t compare to the kind of change she wanted to make in the world by sharing, enjoying, connecting and exploring food.