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Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Have a plan for the summer heat? Concerned how you’ll handle the peak summer temperatures in your RV? Need tips to help stay cool this summer? Harvest Hosts can help.

Summer is here and RVers are hitting the road. However, the hot weather can make some campers uncomfortable for a portion of the summer. While many RVers choose to crank their air conditioning, Harvest Hosts wants to provide a few tips to help RVers stay cool while boondocking on the road.

Park in the Shade

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your RV cool during the summer is to park in the shade. When possible, try to park your rig under a tree or other shade-providing structures. This will help keep the sun’s heat from penetrating your RV and making it uncomfortably hot.

If you can’t park in the shade, be strategic with the way that you park your RV. In most RVs, there is one side that has more windows than the other. If you can park with the majority of your windows facing north, you’ll avoid the greenhouse effect inside your RV. While it isn’t a perfect solution, it does make a significant difference.

What about Solar?

You might be wondering about your solar array if you are parked in the shade. And that is definitely something to consider because the hottest part of the day often overlaps with the best time to maximize your solar input. So consider getting yourself some portable solar panels. This will allow you to park in the shade to keep your RV cooler and extend your RV into the sun for energy purposes.

Use Your Awnings

If you don’t have the opportunity to be in the shade, using your awnings might be the next best thing. RVs with awnings have a huge advantage by being able to create their own shade. While the top of your RV isn’t shaded, keeping your windows covered in the shade makes a huge difference.

And if you are running your AC, an awning is your air conditioner's best friend—it can often determine if it will do the job or not. If the temperatures are 80+ degrees, you should consider opening up your awning.

Open Windows and Use Your Roof Vent Fan

Another great way to keep your RV cool during the summer is to use your roof vent fans and windows. If you’re new to RVing, you might think those roof vent fans are just for the bathroom or are meant to be used while cooking. And yes, they should be used then but they are much better than ventilation fans for smells.

Those roof vent fans are key components to life on the road. Running your RV roof vent fan with a couple strategic windows open can create a powerful cooling effect and reduce your need for using energy on the air conditioning unit. When boondocking, this is your air conditioning system.

Use Reflective Window Coverings

Another fantastic way to fight back against the heat is using reflective window coverings. These reflective coverings are designed to block the sun’s heat and prevent it from warming up your RV’s interior. The material looks like an aluminum foil covered bubble wrap and acts as a great insulator for around windows.

If you have blinds, you can simply slide these up between the blinds and the windows—using the blinds to help hold it in place. After you custom cut these to fit all of your windows, you’ll want to find an easy place to store them. Lay them flat under your mattresses and they’ll always be ready to go.

Get Out and About

If it gets unbearable, you might consider giving your RV a break and head out for a few hours. If this is a part of your routine, you can strategically plan this departure during the hottest part of the day. Use this time to go grocery shopping, do some remote work, or simply grab a coffee and read a book. This time away from your RV can just be a part of your summer heat plan.

If you are boondocking in remote areas, you might consider heading towards the water. Fly fishing is a great way to enjoy the hotter part of the day. Often there are trees hanging over the water and your legs are feeling the coolness of the water press against your waiters. Other options like paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, or just sitting in the water are other great ways to get a reprieve from the heat.

Hit The Road This Summer with Harvest Hosts

If you are worried about hitting the road this summer, we hope these tips have helped. Harvest Hosts strives to help keep you enjoying the open road longer. With tips and tricks from our blog, you’ll feel informed and ready for your great RV adventures.

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