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Traveling with a Special Needs Family Member

Jerome and Jennifer Braga share their tips for RVing with a special needs family member. Having a daughter with special needs means doing things a bit differently while traveling. That doesn't stop them from making the most of their trips and having fun as a family.

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The Braga Family

Our One Chance

The Bragas are a family of 4 (plus their dog Chance), RVing since 2013. When life hit them with several close friends' tragedies, the Bragas knew they needed to live a more fulfilled life. So, with snowcapped mountains and warm sandy beaches on their mind, the Bragas hit the road in 2015 with a bucket list dream of experiencing the quintessential cross-country road trip. However, they never thought that what they assumed would be their 1 Chance to experience such a life-changing journey would become a lifestyle mission. They began vacationing in 2013 in a renovated travel trailer; simply as an opportunity to get out and explore while keeping their environment safe from deadly food allergies that plague their youngest daughter. What started as a simple winter getaway has turned into a journey that keeps getting more fulfilling at every passing exit ramp. They can be found online at www.our1chance.com and on social media at @our1chance