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Decorating Your RV for Halloween at the Campground

Get your RV ready for spooky season with these tips from Go RVing!

Celebrating Halloween in your RV is more fun than ever, with campgrounds around the country hosting trick-or-treating, pumpkin painting, haunted hay rides, and more during the months of September and October. Decorating your RV is a fun way to get into the spooky spirit of the season. Here are some tips for creating a monstrous masterpiece of campsite this year.

Halloween RV Decorating Tips

The spooky decorations that you set up at home may not be the best for decorating the RV at the campground. Pumpkins are heavy, and haystacks are big and messy. Try these alternative decor options to create a fang-tastic Halloween display for your RV.

  1. Stock up on inflatables. Inflatable decorations are lightweight, and they pack up nice and small. It’s almost as if they were made for RV travel. Shop around to find great deals on inflatable pumpkins, black cats, witches, and ghosts. Remember inflatables need a source of electricity, so plan ahead if your campsite doesn’t have shore power.
  2. Cover your RV with cobwebs and spiders. There’s nothing creepier than spiders, and this lightweight, affordable decor can be draped over the exterior of the RV for a spooky Halloween display. Avoid adding the cobwebs to the surrounding campsite plants, and make sure to clean it all up before heading home.
  3. Purchase–or make your own–lanterns. Paper lanterns are another cheap, lightweight option to bring along to the campground. Spread them out around the perimeter of your site to light the way for those campground trick-or-treaters.
  4. Hang up strings of lights. Lights are not just for the winter holidays. You can now find strings of light-up ghosts, pumpkins, lanterns, or leaves. Drape the lights around your RV door, awning, or windows to create a be-witching atmosphere.
  5. Roll out the caution tape. Introduce creepy crime-scene vibes to your campsite by wrapping caution tape around the front of your RV or picnic table. Be sure not to hang it where anyone might trip, and also be sure to clean it up before you check out in the morning.

More Spooky Halloween RV Decorating Tips

Many campgrounds host RV decorating contests during the Halloween season. If you are determined to make your campsite as boo-tiful as possible, try setting up these scary scenes.

Set up a skeleton campfire scene. Place skeletons in camp chairs around the fire ring, and place sticks with marshmallows in their hands. Make sure to include a skeleton dog, and use a fake inflatable fire inside the ring!

Create a campsite graveyard. Set up lightweight, foam tombstones in a corner of your campsite. Add zombie arms and legs emerging from the ground along with some spooky lighting.

Cook up a feast in a cauldron. Set up a large foam cauldron over an inflatable fire. Get your smoke machine pumping, and make sure some rat tails and spider legs are emerging from the witchy stew.

Embrace the good old jump scare. Put on a full-body Halloween costume such as a gorilla or zombie and sit motionless in a camp chair at your site. Wait without moving until an innocent trick-or-treater approaches and then jump out of the chair. Repeat throughout the night for endless campground laughs.

We hope you have a screaming good time at the campground this Halloween season, and if you use any of these decorating ideas, make sure to take a picture and tag us at #GoRVing on Instagram.

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