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Building an Epic Charcuterie Board while Camping

Unwind after the RV is parked with a beautiful charcuterie board with these tips for easy and quick assembly and Instagram-worthy results!

Unwind after the RV is parked and everyone is settled with a beautiful charcuterie board with these tips for easy quick assembly and Instagram-worthy results! This one pairs well with anything you are toasting with and makes for a fun, interactive meal or happy hour!

Menu planning is the key to RV living. Knowing what you have on hand, what to make ahead of time, and what you will need to cook while on the road is crucial to packing smart. For me, I love to build an epic charcuterie board on the first or final night of my trip, sharing a stunning meal with friends and family around the fire that they are excited to see. 
My tips to make them effortlessly while camping come with a little bit of planning ahead though. 

How to Prepare

  • Plan: Writing out my menu ahead, and knowing exactly what goes with what dish, means that I already have all of my ingredients listed out. This means anything leftover is fair game for these epic snack boards. If I'm making pizza, extra mozzarella makes it to the board. If I have sandwiches, extra Munster will be included on the board, and so on and so forth so that I am doubling down on the uses and not buying things that will take up extra space in the fridge. Ok, not too many extra things anyway.
  • Slice ahead: I will have all the cheese sliced and stored in airtight resealable bags, and then I do the same for the cured meats so that they are ready to go making assembly quick. 
  • Store individually: Any jelly, jam, or honey will be ready to go in its own jar or a smaller resealable container for placing.

Work in Combinations of Three

Sure you can put anything on your board but there are a few things that I consider essential, cheese, cured meats, a vessel to transport (bread or cracker), a crisp garnish (pickled veggies or olives), and something spreadable (jam or honey). 

GirlCarnivore Tip: Work in groups of 3 to build a fully fleshed out and abundant looking board, no matter how large or small your surface is.  

If you happen to have some cutting boards, those are great to arrange things on as well, but once the food is down, no one will even notice what it’s assembled on. I tossed a tablecloth over the picnic table at our site and then foraged around for fallen sprigs and flowers to create a rustic themed board for this one. 

GirlCarnivore Tip: Look for fallen pinecones, sprigs, and other things that will make for fun decorations on your board. 

Pair up your favorite campfire cocktails and make ahead recipes and show off your perfect campfire charcuterie creations!

meats and cheeses on picnic table
Include meats like sliced pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, and chopped leftover chicken or beef.
Slicing cheeses on cutting board
Choose a variety of cheeses such as sharp, mild, and something creamy.
Charcuterie items
Add dips like a spinach or artichoke dip, tzatziki, or hummus.
crackers and cheeses on charcuterie board
Include crackers, bread, and/or pretzel chips.
Charcuterie board  3
Add in fruits and veggies like berries, sliced apples, oranges, pears, carrots, fresh tomatoes, salads, and pickled asparagus and gherkins.
sliced beef on charcuterie board
Use up leftovers like grilled meats or veggies - go on and use them!

Building the Charcuterie Board

Easy Items to Include

  • Cheese: a variety of sharp, mild, and something creamy
  • Meats: sliced pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, chopped leftover chicken or beef, and even lunch meats are a great option here
  • Dips: Spinach or artichoke dip, tzatziki, or hummus (feeling bold, try a smoked crab imperial)
  • Fruits and veggies: berries, sliced apples or pears, oranges mixed with roasted carrots, mushrooms, or pickled asparagus and gherkins
  • Something special like nuts, chocolates, or small cookies
  • Jelly, Jam, and/or Honey
  • Crisp crackers, sliced baguette, grilled naan, and even pretzel chips are a great selection to use
  • Pro Tip: Use up leftovers! Slice and serve leftover frittata, leftover sandwiches, leftover grilled meats or veggies

What you need to make the perfect board

Once you have everything out on the counter (or picnic table) you are ready to build the board! Next, make sure everything is out and easy to grab. From there, assembling a photo-worthy board takes 15 minutes before we can toast and relax for the night! This is camping, you don’t have to pack in a huge tray; just make sure you have toothpicks, utensils for serving, napkins, and plates. No really! that is all you need! You can style this up full-on magazine-worthy with individual dishes for everything or serve right out of the containers for easy cleanup. The level of creative investment here is all up to you.

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