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5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your RV Snowbird Migration

You’ve decided to pack the RV and head south for the winter. But where will you park your rig? Here are five questions that will help you find the perfect snowbird destination.

You've dreamed about this chapter in life, and it's finally here. You are ready to join the millions of other snowbirds who flee the cold, snow, and ice of northern regions each year and head towards warm, sunny destinations in the south. 

For many, the decision to head south for the winter is an easy one. The difficulty comes in narrowing down a location and organizing the details. Feeling overwhelmed? Answering these five questions will help you plan your journey.

1. What's your dream snowbird location?

There are amazing snowbird destinations spread throughout the Sunbelt in the southern United States. Would you prefer the Arizona desert, the Gulf shoreline, or the Coastal Carolinas? Some snowbirds look for a warm, dry climate, while others search for a temperate environment that still offers a bit of seasonal change. Decide what your ideal is before picking a final location.

2. What's your ideal snowbird RV Park?

There are a huge variety of snowbird RV parks, so make sure to do your research and pick a good personal fit. Some parks are virtually gated cities, offering clubs, organized recreation, and onsite dining as well as shuttle service to local attractions. Others are peaceful retreats without any additional amenities. If you want to keep a busy social calendar, pick an RV park with a packed activities schedule.

3.  What activities and services do you want in the surrounding area?

Make sure that you pick a snowbird destination that offers the opportunity to engage in your favorite past times. If you love tennis, hiking, gardening, or antiquing, look for locations that have an overabundance of options. Boating enthusiasts will want to be near water and golfers will want to be close to top-notch courses with public access. You have worked your whole life for this time, so make sure you fully enjoy it!

4. What's your budget and schedule?

There are many different types of fee arrangements for RV parks, so you need to know what your personal budget and snowbird schedule will be. Some parks charge per night or per week, others offer monthly rates, and some simply charge a seasonal price that covers a set time period. If you want to flee the north at the first sign of a chill, and not return until late spring, a seasonal charge might be a good value. However, if you plan on heading south after the winter holidays, a monthly rental might be more cost effective.

5. What's the plan for maintaining your home in the north?

Some folks get so excited about their snowbird escape that they forget to plan for the care of their northern abode. You will need someone to look after your property on a regular basis, checking the interior and exterior for any issues. This might be a family member, neighbor, or even someone you hire to house sit for the length of your snowbird escape. Consider all your options for winterizing your home, suspending utilities, and also dewinterizing before your return. You will also need to arrange a mail delivery system, either forwarding through the USPS or using one of the many private services available today.


The ideal snowbird experience means different things to different RVers. Carefully consider your personal preferences and thoroughly research RV parks to find a match. Make sure you are able to enjoy all the activities you now have the time for and plan to stay within a comfortable budget. Lastly, stay stress free by keeping the home base safe and secure. Now you are ready to embark on the next wonderful journey of your life. 

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