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A New England RV Adventure

As the leaves start changing and cool crisp air rolls in I start getting antsy to hit the road and soak it all in.

Editor’s note: Heather K. has been RVing for a couple of years, and in that time she has traveled to 15 states, RVed with friends across the country, and fell in love with RVing as a way of life. She loves traveling with her husband and two kids, but drags her friends into any travel opportunity possible. Her motto is always, “the more the merrier.”  You can find her adventures on her blog Mamas Spot.

As the leaves start changing and cool crisp air rolls in I start getting antsy to hit the road and soak it all in. It’s time to leave the city and see some amazing fall beauty. The place I want to be whisked away to is New England, for it has some of the best foliage in the world. The best way, and in my opinion, the only way to see all that New England has to offer is by RV. There is no better way to revel in the most unforgettable trip you will ever take. If you haven’t seen fall foliage in New England you haven’t really seen fall and if you haven’t done it in an RV you haven’t done it right! When visiting New England in the fall you will want to give yourself at least a week to do it. We decided to embark on our journey mid-October; going at this time had its challenges and its upsides. We found that a lot of the RV campgrounds have closed by the beginning of October or sooner, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time, and with more RV campgrounds closed it just meant that we weren’t fighting our way through other tourists.

Leaf-Peeping tourism is a $3 billion business in New England, which means during peak times you will be bumping into a lot of other tourists. Now don’t get me wrong I love meeting new people; that’s part of why I love traveling and why I love doing it in an RV. You get to meet so many great people that you would never meet in you day-to-day life, but I also don’t like feeling like a place is being overrun. If you feel the same way, be sure to plan your trip just a week or two after peak season.

We usually like taking the kids with us on most of our RV adventures, but there is something romantic about New England in the fall, so my husband and I decided to take this trip just the two of us.

After we picked up our RV our first stop was of course Wal-Mart; we planned on eating as local as possible but you always have to stock up on some essentials before taking off. I will always be a huge Wal-Mart fan because they are very RV friendly! Not only can you find sufficient parking and supplies for cheap, but you can also stay overnight in any Wal-Mart parking lot which have cameras around them, allowing a very safe option for travelers who need a place to park for the night. We personally found this very useful for a couple of nights that we couldn’t find an open RV campground. I felt it was incredibly beneficial since it was free and in the morning we were able to hop out and stock up on supplies.

That’s the great thing about RVing, anything can happen and you have to be prepared to roll with it. It’s all about the experience and not necessarily having a meticulously planned out itinerary, and that’s okay because it makes it an adventure. Going out on the open road in an RV is all about soaking every last thing in. It’s a lifestyle and it’s one that will change you forever. The same can be said about New England in the fall; it wraps you up and you just can’t get enough. And it’s not just the leaves which are gorgeous; it’s the people and the pace of life that are amazing. When visiting in the fall, keep an open mind; it’s not just all about the leaves, but also about including all the beautiful coastal towns in your journey. These contrasting yet both beautiful types of scenery is what I love so much about New England.

We made sure to include both inland scenic roads and coastal roads as part of our trip and I’m glad we did. Unfortunately we couldn’t control the weather during our trip and it rained almost the whole time, but despite the cloudy photos, I still really enjoyed the trip. We plan on returning this summer to get some sunnier photos and to get a taste of New England during summertime.

One of my favorite drives by far was Acadia National Park, It’s about $20 per vehicle and it’s well worth it! You will find some of the most beautiful scenery in Acadia and a great mix of forest and beach. If you plan on taking an RV through keep in mind there are a lot of parking lots that don’t support RVs and some roads you won’t be able to use due to low bridges. If you are towing a smaller vehicle on your trip you might want to use it to go through Acadia.

There are several really beautiful beach areas to see in Acadia and the waves can get pretty big. I could have stood there all day listening to the waves. I was hoping that we might see some wildlife, a bear, a moose or anything?

Unfortunately this ugly little (ok I don’t know if I would technically classify him as little) spider was the only thing we saw through the park, I guess it just wasn’t our lucky day (I apologize if I just made anyone’s skin crawl).

After a wonderful, but cold day in Acadia I was grateful to curl up enjoy some warm (and festive) hot cocoa and s’mores!

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Heather K.

Heather K.