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Essentials for Your First Spring or Summer Road Trip in Your RV

Embark on an unforgettable road trip! Get expert tips on RV maintenance, packing essentials, and must-have RV memberships for a seamless spring or summer adventure.

Are you ready for a new adventure? As the spring and summer seasons beckon, it's the perfect time to plan your first road trip in your trusty RV. Before you hit the open road, it's crucial to ensure your vehicle is in top-notch condition, which is why this article will guide you through essential RV maintenance tips.

We’ll help you prepare the necessary supplies for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. And to take your trip planning to the next level, we'll tell you about the best RV memberships that will streamline your route, provide valuable information, and enhance your overall travel experience. Get ready to embrace the freedom of the road and make unforgettable memories on your upcoming spring or summer road trip!

Front-End Maintenance

Don’t neglect RV maintenance. While you can do things like wash your RV, clean your roof, and even do little repairs on the inside, there are things you’ll want to take care of before you hit the road. Let’s look at essential maintenance you’ll need to do before your big road trip.

Engine Maintenance

If you are driving a motorhome, you’ll want to take care of an oil change prior to hitting the road. This can often take several hours and feels less invasive when you don’t have all of your personal belongings in there yet. In addition, it is good to find a local mechanic that you can trust to help you maintain your engine.

In addition, be sure to address the service of your generator. Your generator is an important aspect of your boondocking experience. Be sure to check the maintenance schedule for your generator. Most of the time you can do this at the same place you’ll get your motorhome's oil changed.

HVAC Systems

Check your air conditioning and heating units. After a season of sitting, your HVAC systems can be invaded by rodents, bugs, or simply need filters cleaned. Before you hit the road, it is a great idea to clean your systems filters, remove covers, and inspect the airways.

Another good idea is to run your HVAC system for a period of time prior to leaving. This can get rid of the smell from a heating unit collecting dust, blows out the dust from the ducts, and exposes any potential issues.

Inspect The Appliances

It is always a good idea to check out your appliances. Be sure your refrigerator is working on both electricity and propane. Try out your oven, range, hot water heater, and any other essential part of your camping experience.

Bulk Up on Specific Supplies

One way to help us feel more prepared is to bulk up on supplies that help us feel prepared. In reality, most of the things we need can be picked up on the road. However, there is something in our psyche that helps us feel secure when we are stockpiled ahead of time.

Now this is something unique to you. For some having extra food helps, others need to be prepared for emergencies and a good first-aid kit helps, and for others, it is having extra water on board. Whatever it is that helps ease the tension of hitting the road, go ahead and get a few things. This will help make you more at ease.

Take a Short Trip with Harvest Hosts

One of the best ways to be prepared for an extended trip is to plan a short weekend getaway. This short trip allows you to work out some kinks, address things you weren’t expecting, and get comfortable with life inside a smaller space.

If you can take a trip of at least three to four days, you’ll slowly realize the things you don’t need too. Knowing what you do not need to take with you is as important as learning the things you do need. Getting rid of unneeded baggage can help lighten the load and provide space for you to buy things on the road.

Be Prepared for Your On-The-Road Needs

There are plenty of things you’ll need on the road. We have created a complete pack list to help you get ready for the next trip. This exhaustive list should help you make sure you don’t forget things on the road. Check out our checklist here.

Plan the Whole Trip with Harvest Hosts Family of Products

After you get done with a short trip, you’ll be able to get an idea of the finer details. This can be challenging, but it’s an essential part of your summer trips. Planning your route, finding places to boondock, local cuisine to try, gas stations, and more are all a part of the RV trip of your dreams.

Lucky for you, Harvest Hosts All-Access Members have plenty of tools to help you plan the best summer RV trip of your life. Map overlays that come with your All-Access Membership make it super easy to complete your planning. They have 7,000+ dump stations across North America, cell phone map coverage overlays for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, plus they have a weather tracker for your hosts locations.

If you want to take it a step further, you can use your Harvest Hosts Membership and a CampersCard Membership—Harvest Hosts sister company—to plan the entire thing. With Harvest Hosts, you have access to 8,000+ locations across North America for overnight stays. Then with CampersCard, you can book your long-term stays and save up to 50% off some of the best campgrounds in North America.

Join Harvest Hosts with an All-Access Plan, and you can start saving money on your road trips today!

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