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Top 20 RV Destinations

To celebrate 20 years of Go RVing, we asked YOU to share your favorite places to RV. Explore these spots, and leave us a comment with favorite places too!

1. Submitted by JoAnn T.
St. Ignace, MI. Tiki RV Park. St. Ignace is just over the bridge from Mackinaw City, MI. It sits on the edge of Lake Huron. Everywhere you go you see the beauty of the water, marina, and lighthouse. The downtown is a beautiful place along the waterfront. We spent 11 days there for the 4th of July.
Link to campground:

2. Submitted by Brandon A.
Anchor Down RV Resort and Douglas Lake in Dandridge, Tennessee. It’s a beautiful resort next to the Great Smoky Mountains!
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3. Submitted by Robin D.
Polson, Montana (or anywhere around Flathead Lake!)
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4. Submitted by Liz W.
Camp Gulf in Sandestin, FL
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5. Submitted by Terri O.
Tom Sawyer’s RV Park in West Memphis, Arkansas. We enjoy sitting on the Mississippi River, eating, hanging out on the barges, and viewing the lights of Memphis in the evening.
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6. Submitted by Dean E.
Priest Gulch Campground between Delores and Rico, CO. I have stayed many times. So many wonderful things such as the views, the location, and the Delores River that runs through the park. It is on my list for a full summer stay when I retire. It’s truly a place of peace and nature.
Link to campground:

7. From Bob H.
A few come to mind, but will mention Rafter J Bar Ranch in South Dakota and Bluewater Key in Key West. Also, Oak Creek campground in Torrey, Utah is “primitive,” but it was great. As far as a destination, anywhere out West!
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Link to campground:

8. Submitted by Mark L.
I’ll nominate Mount Kidd RV Park in Alberta Canada, Kananaskis Country.
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9. Submitted by Andrew O.
So many! Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Geneva-on-the-lake, Ohio, our many beautiful Pennsylvania State Parks, and Cedar Point in Ohio.

10. Submitted by Carol S.
Ohanapecosh Campground at the south entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. It’s set in a beautiful forest and has many sites that overlook a rushing river.
Link to campground:

11. Submitted by Christy O.
Kamp Dels in Waterville, MN. They are simply amazing. The staff is super friendly, and there are more things for my kids to do than daylight hours. It’s my favorite place to stay! I truly believe it is the Disney of RV parks. (Yes it is that good!)
Link to campground:

12. Submitted by  Keith S.
We loved our trip to Acadia National Park! There was so much to see and do. Definitely needs to be on Go RVing’s list of top destinations!

13. Submitted by Chad M.
Just left Upper Teton View in Wyoming. My favorite boondocking spot so far.
Link to campground:

14. Submitted by Susan H.
Yosemite National Park!

15. Submitted by Brenton N.
Homer, Alaska is one of our favorite destinations. Definitely an epic road trip!

16. Submitted by Gene M.
Bluewater Key RV Resort in Florida is like no other.
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17. Submitted by Eden R.
River Ranch RV Resort in Florida.
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18. Submitted by Glory
Red Coconut RV Park in Fort Myers, Florida is nice.
Link to campground:

19. Submitted by Glory
Beverly Beach Campground!
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20. Submitted by Jenn N.
Homer Spit in Alaska. Happy trails!
Link to campground:

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