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Roomy Rollin'

Class C motorhomes are perfect for families and groups of friends who want the adventure and flexibility of spontaneous vacation along with the convenience and amenities of home. Built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab, class C motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab portion that is often an optional sleeping area. Amenities are similar to those in conventional motorhomes and many also have slide-outs. Scroll down to see more of the possible features and amenities.

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Class C Motorhome
Class C Motorhome Cockpit and Bunk

Cockpit and Bunk

Class Cs use the cabin space above the cockpit as a loft bed.

Class C Motorhome Private Bedroom

Private bedroom

Class Cs are large enough to include a separate bedroom with a king or queen size bed, closet space, and additional storage.

class c bathroom

Full Bathroom

This type of RV is equipped with a full size dry bath with a toilet, sink, and shower or bath.

Class C Motorhome Living Area

Living area

The living area can be made larger with slide-outs for a roomy living, dining and kitchen area.

Model Details:
Size 25-35 FT
Avg. Costs $65,000 - $140,000
Sleeps Up to 8
Class C Motorhome
Shaded Outdoors
Enjoy being outside without the sun or rain beating down on you.
Class C Motorhome with shade awning
Class C Motorhome
Full-size Appliances
No need to play refrigerator Tetris in a class C! Full-size appliances are standard features in this RV type.
Class C Motorhome Fridge
Class C Motorhome
Slide on Out
Slide-outs drastically increase the living space of an RV but don't take away from your campsite.
Class C Motorhome Slide-out
Class C Motorhome
Office on Wheels
In a Class C, it's easy to take your work with you and do your job from the road. The space may even be bigger than your regular office and you can't beat the views!
Class C Motorhome office
Class C Motorhome
Go Anywhere
There is no need to stick to campgrounds; stray off the beaten path.
Class C Motorhome in Snow

Typical Features & Amenities

Sleeps 6-8
Can tow something else
Residential kitchen
Ample Storage
Full bathroom facilities
Entertainment System
Slide-outs add extra space
  • Owners can tow a small vehicle for short side trips once the motorhome is parked.
  • Ample living space includes sleeping, kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities, as well as entertainment systems and storage.
  • Slideouts in some models move the RV wall outward up to three feet at the touch of a button to create larger living areas.
  • The ability to easily move from the driving area to the living space when stopped along the way is the main reason owners say they choose a motorhome over a towable model.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it difficult to drive a Class C?

    While it may seem daunting from the outside, the controls in the cockpit of an RV look similar to your average car and side view, and back up cameras are standard on most motorized RVs. This usually gives first-timers the confidence to get started and ultimately, learning to drive a motorized RV is a skill that becomes second nature with a little practice. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are getting started.

  • Do I need a special driver's license to drive a Class C?

    For most RVs, all that is needed is a regular driver’s license which makes purchasing a Class C very accessible. Driver’s license requirements vary by state so you should always check the specific regulations in your state. There are a small number of states that have additional requirements such as a skills or a written test to drive the very large motorhomes.

  • How do I use a dumping station?


  • How do I level my RV?


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