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Truck Campers

Truck Campers

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Tame the wild terrain in your cozy camper

Truck Campers are portable units designed to be loaded onto, or affixed to, the bed or chassis of a pickup truck. Because truck campers are easily loaded and unloaded from the bed of the truck, they are easy to drive and leaves the truck's bumper free allowing the driver to tow boats, ATVs, and other trailers. Scroll down to see more of the possible features and amenities.

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Truck Camper
Truck Camper Cook


Truck campers often feature an efficient kitchen complete with an oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink.

truck camper bathroom

Bathe Comfortably

Truck campers include full wet or dry baths and some even have a bathtub!

Truck Camper Dining


Truck campers often offer comfortable, dedicated dining areas.

Truck Camper Comfy Bed

Comfy Bed

The dedicated bedroom area often boasts a queen size bed and entertainment system.

Model Details:
Size 8-20 FT
Avg. Costs $20,000 - $40,000
Sleeps 2-6
Truck Camper
The compact space still offers a kitchen, dinette, bathroom facilities and a separate bed.
Truck Camper kitchen
Truck Camper
Kick back and look at the stars from the comfort of your bed and enjoy a movie.
Truck Camper bedroom
Truck Camper
Prep and cook your food while enjoying the view.
Truck Camper kitchen
Truck Camper
Stretch Out
Some Truck Campers have slideouts, which move the RV wall outward at the touch of a button to create larger living areas with giant windows and skylights.
Truck Camper couch

Typical Features & Amenities

Nimble and Easy to Drive
Easy to Park
Sleeps 2-6
Dining & Kitchen Facilities
Simple Bathroom Facilities
Good on rough terrain
Fits in a garage
Entertainment Systems
  • The compact size makes them easy for travel on rough or windy roads.
  • An easy, economical option for pickup truck owners.
  • The detachable camping unit allows the pickup truck to be used separately at the destination.
  • Outdoor sportsmen find them handy for fully equipped base camps in remote locations.
  • Efficient use of space with a range of floor plan options that maximize living area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a special driver's license to drive a truck camper?

    While the majority of states do not require a CDL or special driver's license to drive or tow an RV, there are a few that have additional skills testing beyond certain weight classes. For example, if driving or towing more than 26,000 lbs. in Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming, there are some additional requirements. Other states, like California, have additional requirements for length as well as weight. Driver’s license requirements vary by state so you should always check the specific regulations in your state. 

  • How many miles per gallon will I get when driving a truck camper?

    The miles per gallon will vary by the vehicle towing the unit and camper type as well as the weight of the interior features such as granite counter tops and tables, full size appliances, and other upgrades. Generally, the efficiency of the tow vehicle's normal mpg will be reduced by a third to a half of regular gas mileage but this varies based on the factors listed above.

  • What is the difference between a wet bath and dry bath?

    A wet bath takes up less space by combining the toilet and shower in the same space. A dry bath is more similar to what you have at home. Dry baths offer additional storage and a separate shower/bathtub and toilet area.

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