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RVing as an Artist and a Mama

Check out Lindsey Scot Ernst's words of wisdom on how RVing can work for you and your passions!

As an artist and a mama, I have learned quite a lot about how to manage my days. For this life to work I had to discover how to be productive and adventurous without burning out. In these last months I have had to weave my 3 deepest desires: my need for adventure, my passion for my work, and my love for my family. My name is Lindsey Scot Ernst and I am a jewelry designer from the high Rockies of Colorado. My husband and I decided to build a mobile jewelry studio in our 22ft travel trailer and take my craft, our life, and our family on the road for a whole year.

If I’ve sparked your interest, or maybe this is also a dream of yours, I have some tips for you. You don’t need to travel for a whole year like us in order to put this advice to good use. Here are three things I’ve learned so far…

First and foremost: Know the different types of campgrounds and how your campsite helps your work.

Vacationing on the road and working on the road can be two very different things. We stayed for short periods of time in many different places, so you want them to count. Whether that be the seclusion of primitive camping, the amenities of private campgrounds, or the adventure of National Parks. Knowing the difference allowed me to build proper expectations and plan my schedule accordingly.

Private Campgrounds

Until recent years we never stayed at an RV Resort. They are a different style of camping altogether than what we’re familiar with. To our surprise, a quality RV Resort is a pleasant layover. Where you may lose on being fully engrossed in nature, you gain in great amenities. Guaranteeing electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities allows us to catch up on your more day to day activities such as laundry, computer work, etc.

We stayed at Red Rocks RV Resort when we arrived to Yellowstone National Park. They are located only 20 minutes from the west entrance and have really nice facilities. There was a great camp store on site which had a couple of things we were happily surprised to find- and buy!

Another resort we used near a National Park was Polson KOA Resort near Glacier NP, and it was beautiful. They had a full outdoor lounge set around the fire pit, which invited us to soak in their gorgeous views of Flathead Lake.

One place we came to love was Divided Creek Campground just outside of the Glacier National Park east entrance (literally a 7-minute drive). They were a mom-and-pop style campground that sat on the Saint Mary’s River. Their style was more primitive - no hook ups- but had nice, open-air showers, spacious RV sites, tent sites on the river and a nice trails that led to the river for those without river front property.

Image: Kitchen view at Red Rock RV Park in Island Park, ID. Credit: Lindsey Scot Ernst

Even Traveling Families Need Vacation Days

Work can get tough, and to not get overwhelmed, taking time to adventure and get away from work is needed. We live in Colorado and love skiing, so when we heard that Banff Sunshine Village in Banff National Park was also open in summer, we jumped in the car to check it out. Who knew it would be a little refuge for families like ours. We were able to take two scenic gondola rides up to Sunshine Meadow where we hiked to see the continental divide (and the two climates that sit on either side of it) and ate an amazing lunch while we planned our next winter getaway there. It was a nice break and allowed us to enjoy family time without the hustle of work or trying to dodge National Park crowds.

Image The View from Sunshine Meadow at At Banff Sunshine Village. Credit: Lindsey Scot Ernst

Going with the Flow + Finding a Flow

Adjusting to life in a travel trailer for a whole year can be tough at first. Practicing the art of going with the flow was my only saving grace. We used to have a pretty set routine, every day was predictable, especially my work routine. But I remind myself that this is why we are out here. We got tired of the same old day-to-day. So, I embrace it and find a way to make it work. After four months, our schedule of sleeping in a little later, having longer mornings, working a little later into the day has all remained. I leaned into our new schedule and learned that life doesn’t need to be 9-5, 5 days a week. To follow the rest of our journey, be sure to check us out at and @takingthekids.

Image: My husband and daughter walking in Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC. Credit: Lindsey Scot Ernst