Herb Butter


Herb Butter

Herb butter is a great way to enhance the flavor of food and it is easy and fun to make. You can use your family’s favorite flavor profiles or get creative and make some new ones. Savory butters can be used on sandwiches, steak toppings, in foil packet dinners and on top of hot popcorn. Sweet versions made with honey or maple syrup can be used on pancakes and French toast at breakfast or to drizzle over some fried dough for a campfire dessert. When making flavored butters you can use fresh or dried herbs. Dried herbs tend to have a stronger flavor so if you are using fresh, don’t be afraid to pile it in.

  1. Start with sandwich sized freezer zip lock bags and room temperature butter.
  2. Fold the top of the bag over to make sure you don’t get butter on the “zipper” when transferring it to the bag.
  3. Use one softened stick per bag. Add your ingredients and roll the bag to remove as much air as possible.
  4. Now zip it closed and start mushing it together to incorporate all the flavors into the butter.
  5. Refrigerate any unused butter for next time.


  • Garlic, parsley, lemon zest and lemon juice is great on any veggies. It’s also a great accompaniment for foil packet fish filets.
  • Chili powder, lime zest and lime juice in salted butter is the perfect corn on the cob topping. Also goes well on fresh popcorn.
  • Honey and a pinch of vanilla beaten into salted butter is a great topping for toast or biscuits. You can also add it to tea for a hot toddy.
  • Blue cheese crumbles with a dash of Worchester sauce creamed into butter and placed on top of a freshly grilled Rib-eye steak is mouthwatering.