travel trailer on the beach with sunset

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Where to Camp - A Guide to Beach Camping

There are so many camping options when you Go RVing. In his new series, Jeremy Puglisi will explore different camping options across the country. In Episode 3, he discusses how to go camping at the beach.

A Beginners Guide to Beach Camping

Jeremy's Tips

  1. Rollup your awning when you go to the beach. High windes can sneak up fast and do damage while you are gone!
  2. Get dedicated beach chairs! Camp chairs don't work well on the beach!
  3. Respect the ocean and watch out for currents and brought surf!
  4. Use your outdoor shower to rinse off. 
  5. Get a nice rug and old fashioned broom.
  6. Keep a small bucket of water by the RV door to rinse your feet before heading into the RV. This helps keep sand out.
  7. Bring a small, hand held vacuum to keep sand out. 
  8. Put your food away after use so that you keep the wildlife safe. Human food is very bad for them. 
  9. Stay hydrated. Get an outdoor color and keep it outside of the RV and well stocked.
Jeremy Puglisi

Author and co-host of the RV Atlas podcast

Jeremy Puglisi is the co-host of the RV Atlas podcast and the co-author of See You at the Campground: A Guide to Discovering Community, Connection, and a Happier Family in the Great Outdoors, and Where Should We Camp Next: A 50 State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and other Unique Outdoor Accommodations. He loves nothing more than hitching up and heading out to the next campground with his family.