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The Vast Space of a Motorhome in a Towable

A large picture window at the rear of the RV for panoramic views is one thing that sets 5th wheels apart from other RVs. Fifth wheels often come with the same amenities as a motorhome or travel trailer but are constructed with a raised forward section that provides a more spacious bi-level floor plan. These models are designed to be towed by a pickup truck equipped with a device known as a fifth-wheel hitch. Scroll down to see more of the possible features and amenities.

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5th Wheel Trailer
5th Wheel Trailer living and kitchen area

Living and kitchen area

Kitchens in fifth wheels go beyond offering full appliances and can even have a kitchen island making it seem like you are cooking in your kitchen at home.

5th Wheel Trailer Bunkroom


Kids love sleeping in their own cozy spaces separated from parents. The bunkhouse is usually claimed as a fort within the first five mintues. Kids don't mind sharing a room in this setting and the conversation and fun can continue for siblings, cousins, and friends even after the lights go out.

5th Wheel Trailer Raised Living Room

Raised living room

The raised front section boasts a comfortable and spacious living area with large windows as well as entertainment systems.

5th Wheel Trailer Private Bedroom

Private Bedroom

5th wheels have ample space and are able to efficiently divide the living space and a private bedroom.

5th Wheel Trailer Bathroom


5th wheel bathrooms contain a full sized-shower, toilet, cabinet space and large sinks.

Model Details:
Size 21-40 FT
Avg. Costs $40,000 - $65,000
Sleeps Up to 8
5th Wheel
Take it easy
Gather around the fireplace, kick back, and enjoy family movie night.
5th Wheel Fireplace
5th Wheel
Tall Ceilings
5th Wheels often have more head room and are a great choice for taller people. The taller ceilings and bi-levels can make the unit feel more like a home.
5th Wheel Tall Ceilings
5th Wheel
Some 5th wheels have a drop door in the rear of the unit that doubles as a deck and as a ramp to load and unload other equipment like bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles.
5th Wheel Deck
5th Wheel
Some 5th wheels are also sport utility vehicles and have a drop door in the rear of the vehicle for easy loading of bikes, kayaks, motorcycles and more.
5th Wheel Garage
5th Wheel
Slideouts can add up to three extra feet of space per slide but don't take up much of the campsite leaving occupants plenty of space to enjoy being outside.
5th Wheel Side-outs

Typical Features & Amenities

Sleeps 4-8
Large living area
Large bathroom with shower and toilet
Large Entertainment Systems
Ample Storage
Can tow something else
Privacy and separate bedroom
Residential kitchen
  • Easily detach the 5th wheel at the campground from the tow vehicle freeing the vehicle for errands and sightseeing.
  • Lightweight models have been designed specifically to allow the use of smaller trucks with less towing capacity.
  • Some 5th wheels offer up to four slideouts in some models, which move the RV wall outward up to three feet at the touch of a button to create larger living areas.
  • Equipped with all the conveniences of home, including sleeping, showering, dining, cooking, entertainment, and storage, many manufacturers also offer luxury models that are very spacious and elegantly furnished.
  • Fifth-wheels often have a large picture window at the rear for panoramic views.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a special driver's license to tow a 5th wheel?

    For most RVs, all that is needed is a regular driver’s license. Driver’s license requirements vary by state so you should always check the specific regulations in your state. There are a small number of states that have additional requirements such as a skills or a written test to drive the very large motorhomes. When towing a 5th wheel, it is important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Consult your dealer or owner’s manual for details and have the tow hitch professionally installed.

  • How do I figure out the capacity of my tow vehicle and hitch?

    When towing an RV, it is important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle and this includes factoring in the added weight of the equipment you are bringing. Consult your dealer or owner’s manual for details and have the tow hitch professionally installed.

  • I have never towed a vehicle before. How do I learn to do it? 

    It may seem intimidating to tow an RV for the first time but towing is a skill set like driving a car, riding a bike, or mastering anything you ever set out to learn. There are several ways that you can prepare but one of the easiest ways to learn is by contacting your local dealer. Many dealerships offer test drives and even offer classes on how to tow an RV. This article is also full of tips on how to get started.

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