Brody's Story

Comfort in the Cold

Brody Leven hikes up mountains and skis down. After a day full of adventures, it's nice to have a basecamp to return to before doing it all again the next day.

Gear Brody Doesn't Travel Without

  • reusable water bottle allows me to avoid using single-use bottles for water and tea. I carry a metal one for travel and a [lighter-weight] plastic one for the mountains. ALEX Bottle makes one of my favorites. My favorite tea mugs are from Hydro Flask and YETI.
  • versatile pair of climbing shoes, chalk bag, and harness always travel with me. Although I normally have a full backpack of climbing gear in tow, sometimes these few items allow me to join the locals on a tour of the local cliffs.
  • My Garmin Fenix 5 feels comfortable for me at social gatherings but also serves as a lifeline in the backcountry. This GPS watch even navigates me to safety if I become disoriented. It even has topography and road maps, effectively replacing my need for other GPS units.
  • Goal Zero power pack ensures that my iPhone, watch, and, inevitably, those of my friends, never die during long days on the trail. I prefer the Flip 30 to give me and two friends a charge.
  • Running shoes go with me regardless of where I’m traveling. Even a half-hour jog can freshen me up after a long day of travel. Daily exercise doesn’t exhaust me; on the contrary, it wakes and rejuvenates me. My favorites are the Salomon Sense Pro 2 because they can help me tackle pavement or dirt.
We travel to do what we do, and it’s nice to have comfort to return to.
Brody Leven | RVer
Brody Leven


Brody Leven

Brody Leven is a professional skier and climber who is known for being a climate change activist and conservationist. With a passion for the outdoors early on, he graduated from Westminster College and then chose to pursue his career in climbing and skiing. 

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