Loki's Story

Loki Off-Leash

Loki lives his best life on the road with the freedom to explore the world with endless enthusiasm.

Our Top 10 Dog-Friendly RV Campgrounds

Garden Of The Gods RV Resort - Colorado Springs, CO

  • An amazing place that allows leashed dogs
  • Your pup can relax and socialize with other dogs at the Bark Park
  • Enjoy nearby trails and plenty of open space
  • Pike’s Peak is nearby too

Evergreen Park RV Resort - Dundee, OH

  • Dogs can explore and sniff around all the trails and open space
  • There’s an on-site dog grooming facility and a popular RV park nearby

Riverside Campground And Cabins - Big Sur, CA

  • The grounds are all dog-friendly with nearby trails, beaches, and easy access to river points for some swimming

Lake Whippoorwill Koa - Orlando, FL

  • Leash-free Kamp K9 Pet Playground lets your furry BFF socialize, play fetch, and romp around in an obstacle course
  • The Playground has a shaded area for owners to sit back and relax while they keep an eye on their dogs
  • Enjoy easy access to hiking trails and scenic views

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort - Foxboro, MA

  • Home to a 1.5-acre dog park with an agility and obstacle course, drinking fountains, and a dog bathing area
  • The dog park has weight classes, so if you have a small dog and are concerned about larger ones accidentally sitting on yours, there is a 30-pounds-and-under section
  • If you want to do a more technical hike without your pup, the resort has a great kennel: or if you’d prefer to keep your dog in your RV, the staff can check in on him or her for regular bathroom breaks

Escondido RV Resort - Escondido, CA

  • The RV resort has lots of sunshine and land to enjoy, including a large fenced-in dog park with a shaded area and a water fountain for the dogs to drink from and play in
  • Escondido Beach, home to one of the most dog-friendly beaches in SoCal, is close by

Four Paws Kingdom - Rutherfordton, NC

  • Branded themselves “The First and Only Dog Dedicated Campground in the US”
  • 34 acres in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains that offer dog training, events, rallies, lots of trails, and open space for roaming

Lake George RV Park - Lake George, NY

  • Not only is this place a great RV park, but it also has Charlie’s Bark Park – a 2-acre off-leash area
  • Amazing scenery and views are easy to come by, especially since you’re close to the southern Adirondacks (which you and your dog can experience)

Delaware Water Gap/Poconos Koa - East Stroudsburg, PA

  • Leashed dogs are allowed in the majority of the campground
  • Kamp K9 is an off-leash park with an agility/obstacle course
  • Nearby there are miles and miles of trails that can be enjoyed by you and your dog

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground - Orlando, FL

  • You don’t have to sacrifice having a magical family experience by leaving your dog at home at this campground
  • There are several loops that allow dogs to experience Disney and its kingdom
  • Waggin’ Trails Park is a leash-free park near the campground
  • There is also an on-site kennel if your pooch needs some specific attention
I think that how we show them love, is by giving them the freedom to roam. We just want them to be free.
Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolf Dog | An Uncivilized Canine and His Brother
Ally Coucke

An Uncivilized Canine and His Brother

Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolf Dog

Follow the story of Loki the Wolfdog and his best friend Kelly Lund. This is the journey of an uncivilized canine and his brother. Loki is a low-content wolf dog meaning he’s mostly malamute and husky, but at least one of his ancestors only a generation or two back was a wolf.

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Spacious Living

Travel Trailers often have large living room areas and dedicated dining and kitchen space with full size appliances and large windows for lots of natural lighting.

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Large Bathroom

Travel trailers are large enough to offer extra storage cabinets and full size showers and bathtubs.

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Separate Bedroom

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  • Sleeps up to 10 people
  • Extra storage
  • Full-sized bathroom and toilet
  • Large living space & separate bedroom
  • Large Entertainment Systems