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Griff's Story

Making Music on the Road

Griff Washburn, aka Goth Babe, lives the life we daydream about. He’s a musician, surfer, and climber, always seeking out the next big adventure. Rather than visiting a recording studio, Griff built one right into his RV, allowing him to enjoy his favorite outdoor activities while balancing his love for music.

For me, I get insanely stoked about endless possibilities. Everything around us is inspiration – the surfing, the climbing, the biking and all that. Every week is just pumping out new, fun songs, rather than going to the same recording studio. It’s great to put music kind of secondary and your full life and whatever you have been doing that week funnels into music rather than trying really hard to write a song about life when you aren’t really living life.
Griff Washburn | Musician
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Griff Washburn
Griff Washburn aka Goth Babe is a Musician, Surfer, and Climber. Rather than going to the same recording studio, Griff built one in his RV allowing him to put music secondary and live life to the fullest.
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Full Bathroom

Space is used efficiently in class B RVs and many have full wet or dry baths.

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Class B motorhomes, also known as camper vans, feature all the conveniences of a furnished motor home but are compact enough to make driving one as easy as your regular van or SUV.

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