Grandma's Park Model

The Gorman Family's Story

On the Road to Grandma's Campsite

The Gorman family pack up their class A and head up the California coast to visit grandma in her park model at the RV resort.

The Gormans' Story

The moments that we share together are so special, it’s a beautiful journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Gorman Family | RVers
Gorman family


Gorman Family

The Gorman family has always had a dream to get in their RV and just start driving along the California coast for a big adventure. When the kids counted their profits from their summer lemonade stands, mom and dad asked them how they wanted to spend it. Their answer! They wanted to go RVing! Before heading back to school, the whole family packed up their class A and drove 402 miles to visit grandma who was staying in a park model at the fun-filled, family-friendly Silvercrest RV resort. 

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Park Model RVs



Park Model RV
Park Model living area

Living area

Park model RVs living areas could easily pass for the interior of a home or apartment. They often have larger doors, multiple windows and high ceilings to accommodate additional loft spaces.

Park Model lofts the kids will love

Lofts the kids love

The loft area in a park model can be used as storage but is most often utilized as bunkhouse and fort for the kids. It's just enough to give kids the privacy of their own space but allows them to feel connected to the main living area.

Park Model Large Bedroom

Large Bedroom

Bedrooms in park models are completely closed off from the rest of the unit and the high cielings make it feel like a private oasis. Often equipped with a queen size bed, many are large enough to include a king size bed with plenty of closet space, cabinets, and more.


Park Model RVs

Park model RVs, used for seasonal camping, are recognizable by their similarity in design to a home. These RVs are built on wheels so that they can be moved easily from campground to campground or around a campsite and they need to be hooked up to site electricity, sewer and water as with any RV.

  • Sleeping capacity for up to 10
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Large living space & separate bedroom
  • Ample storage space
  • Full-sized bathroom and toilet