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Tips for Your Next Vacation: Go RVing!

Forget what you think you know about road trips, and level up your vacation plans with an RV trip the whole family will love. Get ready to hit the open road like Kierra Sheard-Kelly and Jordan Kelly with all the comforts of home and none of the discomforts of travel—airport lines, packing restrictions, hotel fees, and lost luggage. Here are a few tips to help you get started and make your RV vacation a success!

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01 Pick Your Paradise

Decide on your destination as a family. Whether it’s outdoor explorations, children’s museums or awesome theme parks, pick your top place together. When everyone is part of the planning, the fun starts even before the actual trip begins. And once you know where you’re going, find the best RV park, resort or campground for you and your family in that area. A place where the kids have space run around and play safely is a total must. Plus, being close to onsite facilities or activities will be a bonus!

02 Choose A Campground

RV campgrounds can be as small as a few dozen sites to booming resorts with hundreds of sites, catering to RVs of every type and size. You may prefer the simple solitude of campgrounds that provide just the basics of electricity and freshwater at the site. Or you may be looking for full-service options with electricity, water, and sewer hookups for each RV. But no matter your RV style, you can find everything you need on GoRVing.com —Go Camping America is one of the largest and most powerful campground databases with the resources to pinpoint your exact travel needs and compare parks along their route.

03 Make Your Plan

Now that you know where you’re going, create the ultimate roadmap. You can plot your route on your own or you can use the Go RVing Trip Planner tool. Curated and planned by real RVers, these inspiring RV adventures are just what you need to get started planning your next adventure. You’ll find ideas on everything from finding the best campsites to cooking up an awesome feast under the stars.

04 Get Caught Up in the Details

Be ready when the weather isn’t ideal with board games, books, and movies. And if you are renting an RV, see about choosing one with a multiplayer game console—you can thank us later. Check along your route for pitstops that have small walking trails or grassy areas that are perfect for a quick break to stretch your legs and let the kids run it out for a few minutes. And finally, even when you’re unplugged on vacation, internet is a must. Be sure to check with your carrier before you leave about the details of your plan as your smartphone will likely be doubling as your on-the-go router.

05 And be sure to have some fun!

Spending quality time together is what’s all about, so if you’re ready to start planning your own adventure, check out GoRVing.com now.



Noel Cody

Author for Essence.