Tips For Negotiating The Best Value And Price On An RV

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Tips For Negotiating The Best RV Value And Price

RVs are a lot of fun. Whether you live in yours full-time or just use it for vacation, they can allow you to enjoy traveling while having the comforts of home. You can see new places, bring your pets, have valuable family bonding time, and more when traveling in an RV.

These reasons make buying an RV a major purchase in a person’s life. A buyer wants to make sure that they make the correct purchase while also receiving a good value.

While they do bring a lot of enjoyment and turn dreams into reality, a person needs to be wise about their purchase as it’s one of the biggest purchases a person will make in their lifetime.

After all, if you’re looking at a new Type B motorhome, you could be looking at spending anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000 and up. New Type C motorhomes can be anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. Then, there are the Type A motorhomes, which can go into the millions for the extremely luxurious options. There is also a wide range of towables that you may be interested in as well. There’s definitely an RV for everyone!

Due to the factors above, saving as much money as you realistically can when purchasing an RV is something every person will want to do. Below are tips for negotiating the best value and price on an RV.

Do your research.

Before you step into an RV dealership, it is always wise to do your research so that you are not caught by surprise later. This means you should narrow down the type of RV you want, the price you are comfortable with, and more.

Check prices on the same RV.

Once you decide which RV fits your lifestyle and budget, you should check the pricing on it by searching online sites such as on and specific RV dealerships. RV prices can vary from dealership to dealership and state to state, and by searching comparable RVs you will get a better idea of how much room you have to negotiate when it comes to the price.

Attend RV shows.

Many shoppers attend RV shows for the deals that are often offered. At the bigger RV shows, there are several dealerships that are trying to get your attention and your purchase. This can be a great time for an RV buyer to look at a specific RV model that they are interested in as they may receive competitive pricing.

Don’t be in a rush.

An RV is a purchase that you will most likely own for quite some time, so it is best to take your time when in the process of purchasing one.

When a person is in a rush, they usually are not able to get the best deal. By taking your time, you can scour advertisements, visit more dealerships, attend RV shows, and really find the best RV at the best price for you.

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Shop around for the best financing.

Instead of taking the first financing offer you receive, you should do a little bit of your own legwork and shop around. Interest rates can vary and on an RV a difference of just 0.25% can add up to a lot of money over the life of an RV loan. Sometimes the dealership has the best rate and sometimes they do not, but you won’t know unless you shop around. I recommend applying at various reputable lenders such as credit unions, banks, RV lenders, and the dealership’s financing department.

Buy last year’s model.

If you are able to plan the timing of your purchase, you may want to look into purchasing the previous year’s model. RV dealerships always want to move the previous year’s model so that they can make room for the current year’s model. Due to this, you may receive a great value on the RV of your dreams.

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Be realistic.

For some RVs, you may be able to receive a discount of 20% to 30% or sometimes even more off of the sticker price depending on the circumstances. For others, you may not be able to receive more than just a few thousand dollars off. It’s all about supply and demand.

Be polite.

In the end, you should be polite no matter what, of course. Treating the RV salesperson and managers politely is the right thing to do and it will make them more on your side as well.

How much money did you save on your last RV purchase? What other tips do you have?

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