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ROAM Academy 101 - What to Know Before Hitting the Road

Kina Pickett and his family have clocked more than 26,000 miles in their RV. But Kina remembers what it's like to be a new RVer and shares his guide to choosing your RV, essential tools, and what to know before hitting the road.

This content was originally published on ROAM. With outdoor adventure as part of their company’s DNA, ROAM believes fostering community and social connection are core to creating the world’s #1 adventure club. ROAM connects icons, athletes, experts, and visual storytellers to create original content for the outdoor enthusiast. ROAM Academy and Go RVing partnered to provide education to those new RVers just getting started as well as current RVers looking for some RV hacks and tips. More ROAM Academy content can be found HERE.

In case you missed it, watch ROAM ACADEMY 102 for Kina's Guides for camp set-up, the best navigation apps, prepping for the road, systems set up and more.

The Pickett Philosophy of Adventure

Your RV and Why RVing is Good for you and your Family

The downloadable materials referenced in the video above about choosing your RV can be found here.

Deep Dive Essential Gear

The downloadable materials referenced in the video above about essential gear here.

Kina's RV Tour

Family Connection

Kina Pickett

Creative Entrepreneur and Photographer

Kina Pickett was born and raised in Vermont, and was always close to nature. After a professional skiing career, Kina started a creative production agency called Helio. Following the success of his business, he decided to build a collaborative ideation workflow platform called ZPPR. His self-made businesses gave Kina and his family the ability to travel in their 1971 Airstream to visit family and explore Vermont. Kina is on a mission to explore the nomadic family lifestyle that leads all the way back to his roots, and spend time with his wife and two young children.