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Two Moms Get Real About The Benefits Of An RV Getaway

Keri and Ashley, the hosts of Momtourage, share their positive experience RVing and why their family loved their trip.

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Every parent knows that taking some time away from family once in a while is absolutely essential. Keri and Ashley, the hosts of Momtourage, know this feeling all too well. Recently, they were feeling the stress of everyday life starting to get to them — balancing kids, work, and daily activities — so they decided to take a girls trip. Of course, they had a few requirements for their getaway: they wanted to stay close to home, they wanted to keep costs low, they wanted to get some fresh air while still having all the comforts of home, and they wanted to fully relax. 

Ashley had the perfect suggestion: a few days away in an RV! The moms agreed this was the perfect way for them to get everything they wanted out of their getaway: it wasn’t expensive, it allowed them to be close to nature without sacrificing beds and showers, and they didn’t have to travel far.

Ashley and Keri stayed in Ashley’s parents’ RV, and they truly got the most out of the experience. They cooked together in the RV, explored the woods nearby, got some work done, spent time crafting, watched trashy TV, slept in late, and even enjoyed cocktails around a fire pit. It was such a great way for two busy moms to rest and reset before getting back to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Watch the video to see how much Ashley and Keri enjoyed their RV getaway.


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