Class A slide out


Setting up at the Campground

The set up at the campground will differ depending on the type of RV you’re using.  I’ll show you how I set up my personal RV – a Type A motorhome.  Be sure to spend the time to learn how to set up your own RV then print out a step-by-step plan on setting up your RV so you do it in order and you don’t forget a step!

Dos and Don'ts of Initial Set-up

  • Parking

    You want to make sure you’re parked close enough to the hooks up that your hoses will reach. You’ll learn this the hard way when you’ve leveled your RV and opened the slide outs only to have to reposition the RV.
  • Stabilize Your RV

    You want your RV stable and on solid ground so it doesn’t wobble. Lightweight trailers and camper vans don’t typically have factory-installed leveling systems so you’ll want to use stabilizing blocks, chock kits, or any number of options your dealer can help you with. If you have installed jacks, you’re going to want to drop those first. If you have an air ride, make sure you dump the air first THEN set the jacks!
  • Opening the Slide Outs

    Who doesn’t love slide outs? They add so much room to the inside of your RV but that means that take up that much room on the outside of the RV. Before you flip that switch, walk all the way around the RV, checking for tree branches or anything else that is too close to the RV to safely open the slide outs. Same with your awning!
Level the RV with your automatic leveling system or, use stabilizing blocks, chock kits, or other stabilization tools recommended by your dealer.
Class A slide out
Walk all the way around the RV to make sure you have enough room before activating the slide-outs.
Class A awning
Make sure there is enough room before setting up your awning to avoid damaging it.
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