5 Must-Have To Stay Fit On The Road

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5 Must Haves To Stay Fit On The Road

It can be hard to think about exercising when we’re on the road. The brain’s in vacation-mode, which, for some reason, becomes an easy excuse to bail on fitness. But what I learned long ago, right at the beginning of our RVing years, is that workouts on the road are some of the best kinds.

There’s something strangely appealing about it. Maybe it’s the novelty or the chance to use exercise as an excuse to soak in a new environment. Mix in the right fitness gear and things get even more interesting. James and I don’t travel with tons of exercise equipment, because it doesn’t take much to get a great workout. You can actually stay fit with nothing when you get right down to it. But nothing gets boring, and limits your fitness possibilities. Below is a list of the fitness equipment we never leave the driveway without!

#1 Yoga Mat:

You see that yoga mat in the picture? It has tagged along for around 30,000 miles of RV adventures. And if you’ve ever stopped by The Fit RV website, you’ve seen it a time or two. While I’m not sure how many states I’ve unrolled it on (a lot), I am sure yoga mats are our most used piece of RV fitness equipment. There’s a reason for this: We roll in a small Type B motorhome. With no room to spread out inside the RV, we exercise outside so the mats become part of the appeal to get out and get moving. Plus, since I’m not a big fan of lying in dirt, gravel, or damp grass, without the mats I’d be a lot more limited in what exercises I can do!

#2 Resistance Bands:

If you could only take one piece of equipment in the RV to keep you fit on the road, the absolute best choice would be a resistance band kit. The benefits of resistance bands are through the roof. Not only will you effectively build strength, but bands are also inexpensive and easy to store in the RV.

I especially love how resistance bands add variety to workouts on the road. Since there are virtually unlimited exercise possibilities with bands, it would be difficult to get bored. I’m a huge fan of ours, and James and I never consider hitting the road without them.

#3 Versatile Athletic Shoes:

It seems like a no-brainer, but the shoes you wear during physical activity on your RV trips can make or break the experience. Inappropriate ones can leave you injured or back at the campsite sitting while everyone else is off having adventures. So, yes, you need good athletic shoes for your active pursuits on the road. And since every different type of active pursuit seems to have its own footwear requirements, things can get tricky when you’re hitting the road. When space is limited, bringing 10 pairs of shoes makes no sense! One of the ways we combat this is to bring more versatile athletic shoes; ones that can play many different roles. For example, the trail runners we’re wearing in the picture can double as hikers, joggers, gym shoes, and for general day use. They’re sort of a 4-in-1 type shoe, which works great for streamlining our RV packing, yet still allowing us to keep up with our fitness pursuits on the road.

#4 Fitness Tracker:

While sometimes workouts during trips are something you look forward to, other times the thought of exercise can be a total buzzkill. I’ve been there; even fitness pros face that battle. Fitness trackers are the best way to combat this. Just try lounging around the campsite all day when you’re getting chastised by your device every 30 minutes for not moving enough. It might be guilt driving you up and out of that chair, but at least you’re up, and you can thank your little fitness tracker friend (enemy?) for that.

For me, the most motivating part of using a fitness tracker is that I can save my workouts. I can look back over the years and see maps of all the different runs, hikes, and rides I’ve taken all over the nation. It’s like a snapshot and reminder of the places I’ve been, and is a huge motivator to get me out the RV door. Collecting maps of my runs from our RV trips is the best souvenir I can gift myself. All thanks to my fitness tracker.

#5 Massage Roller:

Your workouts aren’t where you build strength and get fitter. I know it seems strange, but it’s true. Exercise actually breaks your body down and makes it weaker. It’s your recovery time where the real strength-building magic happens. This is where self-massage comes in. Self-massage, and the various implements available to do it, should be a regular part of your recovery regime to help your body repair and rebuild most efficiently. Massage rollers will improve your flexibility, aid recovery, and reduce potential injuries.

Whether you’re currently into fitness or not, massage rollers are especially handy for RVers. Long drives and sitting too long are tough on our circulatory systems, and massage rollers boost circulation to counteract any negative effects sitting might cause. James and I keep a foot roller on the floor of the passenger’s seat of our RV, along with the roller in the picture, and we make a point to roll out our legs and feet as we roll along the road.

So there it is: all our favorite RVing fitness gear. They take little space, transport easily, and make us WANT to exercise on the road. Now I’d love to know, what about you? What fitness stuff do you travel with?

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